Cooking Classes in Paris!

We offer several Cooking Classes in Paris and other unique food experiences actually - both in Paris, Provence and the Loire Valley. Our market to table class is a unique way to discover French culture through Food, but our pastry and baking classes with their "teatime" or flat out whole tastings sessions are great immersions as well. Our wine tastings are yet another way to explore France geography, history and culture through your senses. And for those ready to go even deeper into French food culture and gastronomy, we also offer one week foodie gastronomic holidays in Provence and the Loire Valley. So we hope you find something you like - and  whether you do or not, never hesitate to contact us.

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Discover Culture Through Food in Paris

We offer market to table cooking classes in the morning and in the evening.  All classes are in English and hands-on.  We focus not just on "what" but also "why" we do things the way we do.  A deep dive in French culture and cooking technique.

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French pastries are unique in many ways - using all types of doughs and colours, mixing technique and art, they bring simple ingredients to a different level of enjoyment.  From macarons to eclairs, from soufflé to crème brûlée, you can learn it all with us.

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What would France be without Baguette and Croissants?  With just five ingredients - flour, water, yeast, salt and butter you can learn to make so many delicious treats.  Each of them has its history and techniques to get them the way you like them.

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Because we have been making wine in France for so long, each region has developed specific practices resulting in strong regional Wine identities. Exploring this is endless, but we love to share a part of this journey to discover France and wine together.

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France gastronomic culture is built on strong regional food cultures.  To explore this, we have started residential cooking holidays in Provence and the Loire Valley.  One week only cooking, learning, visiting, tasting wine, meeting local producers.

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So many food shops, so little time!  And yet with our Food Tours in Paris you will make the most of it and discover the jewels each type of gastronomic shop has to offer.  You will taste a lot, learned quite a bit, and will also know Paris a lot better for it.

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More Details about our Market Cooking Classes in Paris

We could really call these cooking classes Market to Table in Paris, because this is how they are built. We first go to a local market, choose ingredients, go back to Le Foodist kitchen and start prepping. When the prepping is done, we start cooking. Along the way, the professional Chef shares tips, tricks, cooking techniques – and explains why we do things the way we do. Both from a science or a cultural standpoint. After a couple of hours of hands-on cooking, it is time to share a meal together – lunch or dinner, depending on when you have decided to join us. All this with white and red wine of course, and a few stories. Below, we explain what we do – and why - in more detail below; so if you want to know more, you can just read on. 

Visiting Markets in Paris

There are so many Food Markets to visit in Paris that it is hard to choose. There are actually about eighty (80). Seventy of these Food Markets are open air markets and roughly ten are covered markets. There are a couple of differences between open air and covered markets in Paris that you should be aware of.

And they do not have to do with what you will find in those markets. They have to do with when you can go shopping there. Open Air markets are only open in the morning. Typically from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. And they are not open every day. As a matter of fact for the vast majority they are open either open every other day (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Wednesday, Friday, Sunday), or sometimes only twice a week. 

This is the case of the Bastille Market (Metro Bastille and Metro Bréguet Sabin )which is open only on Thursday and Sunday morning. We like to send people there because it is a very big market with over one hundred vendors. And it has a nice stand of Crêperie in the middle. Here you get a video of a lady preparing a crêpe there; and you can get that crêpe for only 3 Euros!
There is only one Open Air market open every day of the week, it is called Marché Aligre (Metro Ledru Rollin or Metro Faidherbe Chaligny) which happens on the eponymous street. It is an interesting market because you find all kinds of quality in that market – the good, the bad and the ugly. There is also a nice covered market in the middle of it called Marché Beauveau – sometimes called Marché Beauveau Aligre. On the contrary, Covered Markets are open every day, and not just in the morning, but also in the late afternoon. Typically from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

We are blessed with two markets close to where Le Foodist is located, so we can walk to a market every morning – sometimes it is the Maubert market, and sometimes it is the Monge market. Both nice with their own specififies. Last but not least, none of these markets is open on Monday. Do not sign-up for a Market Tour on Monday, you might never see that money again …

Choosing Ingredients in Paris

While all markets are different, they also have some things in common. First they work on specific schedules as explained before. But also you will find always at a minimum the following vendors: a Maraîcher – this is the name we give to people selling fruits and vegetables, a butcher, a fishmonger, a cheesemonger and a baker. Normally you will find several of each, with different levels of quality, organic or non-organic, local or not local (but mostly not local unfortunately).
And we explain how to recognize each of those of course during our Market Visits and Cooking Classes in Paris. But choosing ingredients can be daunting at first, because of the variety that is on display. A typical fishmonger will carry 20 different types of fishes, and as many shrimp and shelf fish varieties. A good cheese monger will easily carry up to 100 different types of cheese and obviously you could get over 100 different cuts of meat at a butcher (from the type of meat to the cut itself). And a normal Maraicher will carry between 50 and 100 fruits and vegetables as well.
This is what makes these markets so exciting – the variety of products, the beauty of their display, and the exchange you can have with most of the vendors. We give you tips though on how to make sure that exchange with the vendors go well – a few magic words, and everything will be fine!

Cooking in Paris

Obviously going to markets is nice, but actually knowing that you are going to cook what you find there is even more exciting. It is not uncommon for Parisians to buy a little bit too much food because they get so excited at the idea of cooking it all! But as most of us have hardly any space where we live, that can limit the enthusiasm sometimes. Because of the lack of space, Cooking in Paris can be quite different from cooking in the rest of France. And there are also dishes that are typically associated with regions which the Parisian will not cook at home – but taste when they visit friends or families in the various regions of France. However our kitchen has plenty of space, so we can cook traditional French dishes without a problem – whether they come from Paris or any region. And the most important part for us is to ensure that we share techniques much more than just recipes. As a matter of fact, we love to share a bit of the science behind what we do so people can better remember the “what” by understanding the “why”. 

Sharing Stories

In November 2010, some experts from the UN cultural organisation, decided tha France’s multi-course gastronomic meal, with its rites and its presentation, fulfilled the conditions for featuring on the “world intangible list” of the UNESCO.
In this list you can find all kinds of cultural practices, including Mexico Day of the Dead festival for example. Importantly this is not suggesting French cuisine is better than other cuisines (even though we the French tend to believe that …). It is only saying that the gastronomic meal and what it entails is a very vivid cultural practice which people in France partake into on a very regular basis. That is why the same experts indicated that the French gastronomic meal is a “social custom aimed at celebrating the most important moments in the lives of individuals and groups”. And in that social custom, there are many parts: the attention we pay to the way we choose ingredients, how we pair wine with food, how many dishes we will present to our guests, how we lay the table, etc… But one big part of the cultural practice is that commensality (the fact of sharing the food) is always accompanied by sharing stories about …. Well, you would have guessed it, Food of course!
To us it is THE perfect example of how Food and Culture come together – actually we decide to share food is a considered a cultural practice. I would argue that it is true of all countries, regions, etc… As the way we relate to Food is such a big part of anybody’s identity. But as a result and to make sure you have the most genuine experience of French culture, after the a coking class in Paris at Le Foodist, you will share a gastronomic meal at a common table with your Chef and fellow participants to the class.

French Wine and Food Pairing

As mentioned above, one of the big cultural practices in France is choosing how to pair Wine and Food in general and Wine and Cheese in particular. We actually have a class which focuses specifically on this. As it is so important though, we always make sure we share white and red wines during our meals, chosen to pair well in our opinion with the food we cook. And being at the table together is a good opportunity to discuss about wine as well, with concepts such as “terroir” (to simplify, terroir means “what you do depends on where you are”) which are essential to grasp the way the French think about Food.

And all this will always go with a cheering “Santé” – which quite simply means, to your good health!

Find out more about our Paris cooking and other unique culinary experiences in English:


Paris Cooking Class and Market Tour in English

This is our most successful class, probably because there is so much to learn and enjoy during this experience.  During a good hour visit of market local to our cooking school, you will learn about the parisian market culture.  With your Chef you will buy produce, learn about French cheeses, and head back for a 2&1/2 hours hands-on cooking class from scratch.  After preparing appetizer, main and dessert, you will have learned a lot of tips and tricks in a friendly and fun workshop.  And then it will time for lunch (or dinner) with your Chef, white and red wine and stories.  Consistently rated 5 stars on Tripadvisor, Yelp and Google.

Cooking classes in Paris for families, couples or singles

All small group cooking classes are perfect for couples or singles, as reviewed by participants multiple times.  Couples find it great to see each other in somebody else’s kitchen, and we have had people leave us who had never cooked before telling us they were now motivated to do it.   Singles find that the way we organize our classes makes it very easy for them to meet other people during the experience.  We are told long lasting friendships have actually started at Le Foodist.

Families with children more than 12 years old can enjoy any class, provided each child 12 years and above is accompanied by a participating adult.

And we are very happy to welcome families with children less than 12 years old in private classes. For those we can offer macarons cooking classes, or choux making, or even French pastry.  And the more dedicated families – because it lasts 4 to 6 hours – a baguette making class or a cooking class with market tour might be in order.

Paris cooking classes to learn how to make macarons, choux, French pastry or baguettes

If you have a sweet tooth, a macaron, choux or French dessert class might be in order.  If you are fascinated by dough, then you will enjoy our fun baguette workshop.  All these classes are offered as cooking classes in English, in a hands-on workshop format, where you will learn to cook from scratch.  They are suitable for singles as well as couples.  And they can be privatized for families.

Vegan, vegetarian or gluten free cooking classes in Paris

Our Paris market visit cooking classes can easily be made suitable for vegetarians and can also be made gluten free – provided we know ahead of time.  Why do we need to know ahead of time?  Because sometimes other clients will have asked for something specific which will make it somewhat incompatible with a vegetarian or gluten free approach (think Cheese Soufflé for example).  And because the idea behing our cooking classes is that people share a common experience, so we minimize deviations with special diets, so the Chef can be with everybody at the same time.

For that reason we can only propose vegan cooking classes in Paris on a private basis.  They can be in the form of multiple course meals preparations followed by lunch or dinner.  Or they can be macarons, croissants or baguette classes as well.

Sample Reviews

Cooking Classes

During this 4 to 6 hours experiences, you will not only learn how to cook a delicious three course meal from scratch, but you will also get lots of tips, tricks and techniques to take home.  But this is as well a moment when you will learn about French culture and Paris.  Whether at the market, during your class or at the table with white and red wine, your Chef will share countless personal anecdotes and use some dishes to bring some historical perspectives - food or culture related.  Filled with humour as well as genuine insights, this is an experience not to be missed.

our Expectations

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Ikoo2015 on Tripadvisor on November 29, 2021

Sunday morning and lunch with Chef Fred was a highlight of our trip to Paris. It was worth including the visit to the local outdoor market. We totally enjoyed all the time spent with Chef Fred who was most interesting, insightful and entertaining. The cooking instruction and the space itself was great and of course the lunch was delicious! All in all a truly delightful experience.

Baking Classes

You can join us for an introduction to making Baguette and other breads from scratch where you will learn all the basics.  Or follow a croissant class to learn the art of the fold to bring over 300 layers of dough and butter to puff to perfection.  Last but not least, you could also come to master pâte à choux, the secrets behind Eclairs, Gougères and Croquembouche - to name but a few specialties.  All in all, starting from simply water, flour, salt and yeast or eggs, you can learn the basics of many doughs and feel confident baking for ever after.  All classes are followed by tastings with tea and coffee - and our bread class is even followed by what rwe consider a full meal with wine, cheese, sliced hams and a special French Toast.

The perfect baguette!

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Sue H. on Tripadvisor on October 09, 2021

I took the bread-making class with Frederick and I couldn’t be more pleased! At the beginning I asked if he would teach me the secret to making a baguette with a great crunchy crust. He promised and he delivered on his promise! Our baguettes were restaurant quality. Equally good—if not better—was the brioche we prepared. To. Die. For. I am so excited to try these recipes in my own kitchen! Frederick was charming, informative, and attentive to all our needs. At the end of class we sampled all our products with butter, cheese, jam, honey, coffee/tea, and of course wine! Excellent experience, highly recommend!!

Pastry Classes

You could join us to learn the art of Macarons from scratch, or all the classic French Desserts: from Chocolate Soufflé to Crème brûlée through Crêpes Suzettes.  But you can also perfect the art of Chocolate Eclairs or even go a bit further in Macarons making with decoration in our advanced macaron classes.  All our classes last about 2&1/2 hours in the kitchen, where they are totally hands-on and all start from raw ingredients as your Chef will walk you through the key techniques.  They are then followed by teatime in our lovely space, to taste all your creations, before leaving with boxes of what you can not eat. 

Top notch class

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Sylwia on Tripadvisor on December 06, 2021

First things the first. Yes, the macarons are tasty! The guide was really funny and knowledgable. He definitely knew his stuff without being condescending. Definitely go with a friend, though! I went solo for this class and the work is definitely easier (and more fun) with another person. Really, if you like macarons, try this out! You'll come out 30 (or more!) macarons as well as a delicious macaron recipe richer! In addition to great memories! Go for it!

Wine Tastings

Discover the art of Wine Tasting, explore what various regions of France have to offer, and be entertained with tips and tricks from a professional sommelier who has a genuine passion for sharing.  In all our experiences you will earn about wine, but also French culture - and in our wine and cheese pairing, you will also learn about the 5 families of French cheeses, the key to pairing wine and cheese actually.  Last but not least, in all our classes you will get an intiation to popping Champagne - before drinking it, bien sûr! Unmissable.

Lovely wine tasting class
in Paris

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Harold B. on Tripadvisor on September 20, 2021

We came here for a lovely and intimate wine tasting class with Stephan. He was incredibly helpful in giving us some great tips and techniques on wine tasting and how to identify wines from the different regions in France. Along with his humor and stories, it was a very entertaining and educational two hours which we thoroughly enjoyed.

We will come back when we visit Paris again to learn some more !!

Food Tours

We offer three food tours in Paris, around three distinct neighbourhoods: the Latin Quarter, Montmartre and Les Halles.  Each has a fascinating history in its own right, but is also the backdrop to wonderful food and specialty stores which we will help you discover and sample.  Each tour has a slightly different focus - the Latin Quarter will also help you discover a Parisian open air market.  In Les Halles area you will discover some of the best cookware shops and eat some classic Parisian specialities and in Montmartre you will focus on chocolate and pastry.  Three great ways to learn about - and taste - Paris!

Review of Latin Quarter Food Tour

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by:  Rachel81 on Tripadvisor in October 29, 2019

I recently went on the Latin Quarter Food Tour with Le Foodist and totally recommend it! It was a really enjoyable experience where we learnt many historical points of interest in Paris while tasting and picking up loads of lovely food (cheese, pastries, charcuterie and more) on the way. Our guide Emily was very knowledgable, friendly and a great host. The tour finished back at Le Foodist where we ate what we had collected on the way along with great conversation and wine.

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