Our wine and cheese tasting classes in Paris

Introduction to French Wines Start exploring the styles of French wines Learn to choose wine in shop or restaurant Experiment the basics of wine tasting
Taste 3 wines to start exploring the breadth of styles in French wines.  Learn how to read a French wine label, choose wine in shop or restaurant and the basics of blind wine tasting.
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Wine and Cheese Pairing Discover the French wine regions Learn the differences between French Cheeses Hear great stories packed with tips
2 hours to discover the 5 most important French wine regions, the 5 big French cheeses families. Packed with tips, tricks, great tastes - and frankly quite a bit of fun as well.
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Discover France in Glasses Master the true art of wine tasting Have fun with your friends or teamates Learn memorable anecdotes about wines
In 2 hours taste 5 wines and 1 Champagne from the most important French wine regions. Maximize your sensory tasting through this experience, and learn memorable anecdotes about each wine.
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