Our wine and cheese tasting classes in Paris

Introduction to French Wines Start exploring the styles of French wines Learn to choose wine in shop or restaurant Experiment the basics of wine tasting
Taste 3 wines to start exploring the breadth of styles in French wines.  Learn how to read a French wine label, choose wine in shop or restaurant and the basics of blind wine tasting.
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Wine and Cheese Pairing Discover the French wine regions Learn the differences between French Cheeses Hear great stories packed with tips
2 hours to discover the 5 most important French wine regions, the 5 big French cheeses families. Packed with tips, tricks, great tastes - and frankly quite a bit of fun as well.
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Discover France in Glasses Master the true art of wine tasting Have fun with your friends or teamates Learn memorable anecdotes about wines
In 2 hours taste 5 wines and 1 Champagne from the most important French wine regions. Maximize your sensory tasting through this experience, and learn memorable anecdotes about each wine.
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Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunch

Taste 4 wines and 1 Champagne to help you discover major French wine regions. Learn about the 5 biggest cheeses families in France, and taste the impact of refining on those. Most importantly enjoy 5 excellent pairings: both classics and more surprising ones.

Discover the art of blind wine tasting, using all your senses: eyes, nose, mouth, but also touch and hearing. This will help you maximize the sensual aspect of the wine tasting experience.

Explore your ability to recognize aromas through a stimulating sensory game, and participate into a friendly gastronomic quiz.

With all wines and cheeses tastings you will learn great stories on their origin – historical and geographical, which will help illustrate the concept of terroir; a key concept in all things French and Food!

Last but not least, you will learn the key to sabering Champagne – before sharing a glass of course. And you will leave not only with a great memory, but also with a very useful booklet and a branded drop-stop for many years of perfect pouring.

Served also with sliced hams, breads and olives.


Class starts 12:00 pm / Jul-23-2022
Class finishes 2:00 pm / Jul-23-2022
Cut off date 10:00 pm / Jul-22-2022
Price per person EUR79
Latin Quarter
Le Foodist Cooking Classes, 59 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris, France
Latin Quarter
EUR79 12

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