Baguette Class in Paris

You only need yeast (whether dry yeast, instant yeast or fresh yeast), flour and water to bake French bread. Of course, a dough scraper will help, and salt will help make it taste better. But there are some key steps to baking bread and French baguette in particular. So we will happily show you how to bake bread the Parisian way, to be baked in a home oven. Some things are specific, such as the signature slashes, but you can just reapply the general principles to make other bread-like dinner rolls.  And we will also make bread with butter and eggs – Brioche, and bread with Olive oil in the style of Ciabatta. At the end of the class, you will be able to taste you freshly baked loaves of fresh bread with French butter, decadent cheese, jam, wine and our very special Pain Perdu recipe aka French Toast. You can then leave with bags of your creations – and after this cooking class, you will feel even more connected to any Artisan bread you will see in French bakeries as you walk around Paris. Once a baker, always a baker!

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9 am to 1 pm

Max 8 people

€129 per person

In English

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Our Baguette and French Breads Class in Paris Step by Step

Baguette Class in Paris Step 1

STEP 1: To make bread we will start with four ingredients: flour, water, salt and yeast. From that you can do a lot of things; add a little butter or a little oil and you can do even more. But first things first, time to measure all we need.

Baguette Class in Paris Step 2

STEP 2: You will need to mix your doughs first. Understanding what you are looking for when you do so is important. And this will be the opportunity to learn first tips and tricks, do’s and don’t’s.

Baguette Class in Paris Step 3

STEP 3: You will then need to proof your dough to let it rise, and then deflate it before shaping the bread. This can be one or several steps; each with their own technique.

Baguette Class in Paris Step 4

STEP 4: Once the dough is rested, it is time to give shape to the bread you are making. Each shape will mean mastering a different technique. For baguette tension is critical; for brioche we will roll…

Bread Class in Paris Step 5

STEP 5: After resting the dough, time to proof and also ‘sign’ your bread - our instructor will guide you. An aesthetically important moment, but also critical to the successful baking of your bread in the oven. 

Bread Class in Paris Step 6

STEP 6: And then it is time to bake – temperature, time and … humidity will all have an impact on the final results. 

Bread Class in Paris Step 7

STEP 7: Time to taste your breads; each bread can be tasted with something different: delicious French cheese, jam or even cooking bread as a Pain Perdu. All great ways to enjoy your work!

Bread Class in Paris Step 8

STEP 8: You will leave with a bag full of your creations to share – or not – with your friends or enjoy as for a picnic later in the day. Bon appétit!

Baguette Classes Sample Reviews

5.0 5stars

Reviewed on: Google by Laurie Plot in October 2019

We took the baguette and French breads class with Florence and it was FANTASTIC!!! Florence was an incredible teacher, who was very patient and smart with a great sense of humor. This class far exceeded our expectations and I can’t wait to come back for another class. Not only did we enjoy our home made breads together over coffee and juice, we got to take the extra breads home with us. Sign up and enjoy!

Laurie Plaut, Oct., 2019

5.0 5stars

Reviewed on: Yelp by Elle G. in March 2019

My mother and I attended the bread-making class hosted by Florence. It was an experience we'll never forget! Florence was funny, patient and a great teacher. We learned a lot, and we had so much fun making our own brioche, baguettes and ciabatta, which we enjoyed with butter, cheese and jam at the end of class (with plenty to take home!). We also promptly received the recipes via email, which was a great touch. I'm planning on attending more classes with Le Foodist on subsequent trips to Paris because it's clear the teachers love what they do, and it's such a unique experience.

Ellen G., March 2019

5.0 5stars

Reviewed on: Facebook by Lisette Carmichael in June 2019

My daughter and I took a bread baking class with Florence, and it was so much fun. Florence was patient and fun, and explained it all so well. Definitely would recommend it to everyone!

Lisette Carmichael, June 2019

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