What are our Bakery Course in Paris like?

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  • Taught in English
  • Set in a beautiful location
  • Fun and instructive
  • Small groups classes
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French food gives us so much to enjoy. The finest haute cuisine in a three starred Michelin restaurant awaits the lucky few, while more enjoy the simple pleasures of good French cooking in a local bistro. Creations from the patisserie delight our palettes while a selection of French cheeses with some wine is a simple but great pleasure. Some good French bread would of course go well with the cheese and a bakery course in Paris could provide you with all the knowledge you will need to produce some classic French breads at home. At Le Foodist we have the perfect classes to turn your kitchen into your very own boulangerie.

Experience the variety of French bread at our bakery course in Paris

The baguette has become one of the icons of French life but originally it was the humble boule that was the staple bread in France. Indeed, in some villages and in provincial restaurants the boule is still served as the standard bread. Then of course there is the mighty flute and our bakery course in Paris will also have you running rings around the couronne. The ficelle, meanwhile, is long and so thin that it must be eaten fresh, so as not to dry out but that is no bad thing.

Making speciality breads at our bakery course in Paris

In addition to standard white breads, French baking offers us the pain de campagne, which is made with a little whole wheat or rye flour in order to keep it fresher for longer. Our bakery course in Paris may then touch on the wholemeal pain complet or pain aux céréales, or the dark rye pain de seigle. There is something for both sweet and sour palettes too, with the sweet brioche or sourdough pain au levain, both tasty treats.

Appreciating the joy of bread at a bakery course in Paris

Whatever the variety of bread we bake, enjoyment is just as important as accuracy in the baking process. We will certainly explore the precision that is necessary to create good baking but we also think about the history that has brought us such delights. We believe that to truly understand French cooking we must appreciate French culture and our bakery course in Paris is no exception to that rule. That is why we share our stories of the people and history that have given rise to each bread and leave our students with a deeper understanding of the place baking has in French culture.