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What is our Baking Class in Paris like?

  • Totally hands-on
  • Taught in English
  • Set in a beautiful location
  • Fun and instructive
  • Small groups classes
  • Available Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon.
  • (see detail Below and in Availabilities)
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Baking Class in Paris

French cuisine is rich and varied with so many elements to delight. There are so many regional specialities to enjoy and then the great classics of haute cuisine. More recently nouvelle cuisine has made its mark and transformed the way we think about French food. Some of the original elements still delight though. There are so many fine cheeses to discover and wines to enjoy them with. Then there are the fine creations of the patisserie and boulangerie. Many expect that the intricate products of both might be beyond them but a baking class in Paris from Le Foodist is the perfect way to dispel those doubts.

The craft of a baking class in Paris

French baking has so many products to admire. The baguette has come to symbolise French bread but originally it was the humble boule that was the staple bread of France. Our baking class in Paris will help you master these and many more. It is said that accuracy is the most important skill in baking. This extends to the mixture of the dough and the baker's skill in kneading. It also encompasses the temperature and times of cooking and even the temperature of the preparation surfaces. At Le Foodist our students will learn exactly what is vital to good baking and what is not.

Experiencing variety at our baking class in Paris

French baking of course goes far beyond the boule and baguette. Lovers of white bread will enjoy the ringed couronne or hefty flute. Those with more modest appetites meanwhile may favour the more petite dimensions of the batard or delicate ficelle. Our baking class in Paris may also feature a pain de campagne, which mixes in some whole or rye flour. The mix, along with a thicker crust, helps this country bread keep longer.

The joy of our baking class in Paris

Whether your taste runs to a sour dough pain au levain or the sweet brioche, French bread always has something that is as pleasing to the palate as it is to the nose and eye. Making good bread at home is a simple and wonderful luxury and with our baking class in Paris your home can be filled with the scent of fresh French bread for years to come. Bread is such a central part of French culture and our classes always discuss the context of the food within that culture. In this way we learn more about the people, just as we bake the bread.