What is our Baking Classes in Paris like?

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  • Taught in English
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Baking Classes Paris

Bread is such a common part of nearly every cuisine that it is easy to overlook. Almost since the beginning of cooking, bread has had an important role in our diet. There are Middle Eastern flat breads, corn bread from the Americas and all manner of white, brown, rye and nut bread in Europe. Now in nearly every restaurant, a basket of bread is there to accompany our meals. Bread is far too good to be taken for granted and our baking classes in Paris will teach you how to make this fabulous and often under-estimated food in your home kitchen.

Getting your hands dirty in our baking classes in Paris

The French are particularly fond of their bread and it is no wonder that almost every village and city district has its own local boulangerie. There is a huge variety too and our baking classes in Paris will expose you to some of these Parisian delights. Perhaps you could try your hand at a classic baguette or a pain bis or boule. For those with a sweeter tooth, a brioche is the perfect choice. Whatever your preference, our baking classes in Paris are hands in as well as hands on. You will be kneading dough just like the professionals on your way to baking the perfect bread.

Our approach to baking classes in Paris

With all of our courses, we at Le Foodist like to place the cooking and eating of French food in its context within French culture and our baking classes in Paris are no different. Our chefs will share with you their stories about the various different French breads and how they came to be so popular in our boulangeries. Buying bread is a daily task for most French people and sharing it with friends and family a frequent pleasure. Perhaps no other food is so central to French culture.

Enjoying your baking classes in Paris

At Le Foodist, our approach to teaching is certainly thorough and professional but even in the accurate world of baking, there is room for fun and enjoyment. Our students tell us that they love the relaxed way our chefs share their knowledge during our baking classes in Paris and appreciate the insight they gain from their discussions about French culture and cuisine. Our teaching methods ensure that you learn quickly and retain that knowledge, while our wide-ranging discussions add to a memorable event for you to enjoy.