What is a Baking Course in Paris like?

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Baking Course in Paris

Every year Paris welcomes many visitors who wonder at the stunning architecture and explore her many great galleries.  Many will come across memorable food whether at gastronomic restaurant or a simpler bistro.  From those experiences, a long love story with the City of Light might be born.  But some will go deeper into the French culture and want to get initiated in one of the quintessential art forms of French cuisine: and taking a baking Course in Paris will be a great way to learn to recreate one of the most iconic of French foods.

baking Course in Paris from Le Foodist

There are many ways to be happy when contemplating French baking produce.  From baguette to croissant who have become symbols of French culture in their own right, to the more sophisticated Opera cake or a colourful macaron everyone will find their own favourite to enjoy in French bakeries.  Interestingly enough, some of these like the baguette are not the original French produce; the first French bread was a roll, called boule; hence the bakeries are called boulangeries.  But more importantly, our baking Course in Paris could see you producing these delights for yourself, along with a host of others. And take them home with you.

Getting to know French breads on our baking Course in Paris

Gentler souls might prefer the delicate ficelle, long and so thin that it must be eaten immediately. A batard meanwhile is just half the size of a normal loaf. On our baking Course in Paris you could also attempt a ring of pretty couronne before we move on from the standard white breads. A pain de campagne, for example, is made with some wholemeal or rye flour and has a thicker crust to allow the bread inside to remain fresh for longer. A pain complet or pain aux céréales meanwhile, reflects the modern trend for healthier wholemeal bread.

Enjoying your baking Course in Paris

As you can see, French bread is so varied as to have something for every taste. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the brioche, while the sourdough pain au levain will satisfy a different palate. Throughout our baking Course in Paris we also discuss the central place that bread has in French culture. By understanding the history and regional variation of bread, we come to appreciate the culture which produces it. Placing our new technical baking skills in a cultural context gives our students the tools to fully appreciate the glory of French bread and with it the joy of French culture.

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