What are the best things to do in Paris?

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Best things to do in Paris

One of the joys of Paris is that the city is large and diverse enough to offer a different experience to each visitor. The best things to do in Paris will therefore vary according the the taste of the visitor but perhaps there are some core experiences that may be pleasing to all. No list of the The best things to do in Paris could be complete without a mention of the Eiffel Tower. This impressive monument had a controversial start to its life but is now recognised as a great symbol of Paris. A visit to the top is very special and the view from the terrace atop the Arc de Triomphe is also stunning.

More best things to do in Paris

Appreciating the city's art collection is one of the very best things to do in Paris and the treasures of the Louvre make it a perfect first stop. The Pompidou Centre has frequently changing exhibitions and the Musée de l'Orangerie is the perfect setting to display works by Monet. Shopping of course is another of the best things to do in Paris and offers everything from flea market chic to designer couture. Try Rue Saint Honoré for chic boutiques and Avenue Montaigne for some of the best designer shops.

Your own best things to do in Paris

Paris rewards the curious visitor and one of the greatest joys of Paris is to find your own favourite places. You might choose to wander up through Montmartre to the Basilica of the SacréCœur or sit in a pavement cafe in the Latin Quarter. By all means use the Metro to get around but don't forget that some of your best discoveries will happen when you walk. Turning a corner and coming upon a little square with a great bistro which could become your Paris favourite is what exploring this wonderful city is all about.

Cooking is one of the best things to do in Paris

Paris of course is renowned for the quality of its cuisine and enjoying some great food at a top restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Paris. Learning how to cook that food though deepens your appreciation and heightens your enjoyment. That is why we at Le Foodist offer a selection of courses designed to teach you the core skills of French cooking. At the same time we discuss the importance of French culture to that food, to give you a truly unique French culinary experience.