What Cheese Tasting do we offer in Paris?

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Cheese Tasting in Paris

There are so many foods that could be said to define French cooking. Perhaps the delightful French bread or intricate patisserie would best typify the cuisine. On the other hand, a rustic coq au vin or even a simple croque monsieur could also be typical. One food that might suffice is the wonderful French cheese. Every region has a speciality and cheese tasting in Paris with Le Foodist will take you on a virtual tour of France, indulging the palate with the subtle joys of French cheese. Many countries of course have fine cheeses but perhaps no other country in the world has such a rich and diverse choice as does France.

A journey of cheese tasting in Paris

Your journey through the French world of cheese could take you to Burgundy to sample some AisyCendre or Epoisses and on to Champagne to taste the delights of Langres or Chaource. Normandy of course is well blessed with cheeses, such as Camembert, Boursin or Livarot. Your course on cheese tasting in Paris could also encompass the blue cheeses of Auvergne, such as Fourmed'Ambert or Bleu d'Auvergne. Goat cheese is also popular in France with examples including Banon from Provence or Brocciu from the French island of Corsica.

Wine and cheese tasting in Paris

All these cheeses are superb in themselves but to really bring out the flavours, matching them with wine is superb. Our courses for cheese tasting in Paris include our 'Daring Pairings' sessions where our experts will guide you through the process of matching wine with diverse flavours, from cheese to chocolate. Our approach to teaching our courses in cheese tasting in Paris is fun and relaxed but we will also leave you with a deeply enhanced appreciation of cheese and, we hope, a greater understanding also of the French culture that brought these cheeses into being.

French culture and cheese tasting in Paris

At Le Foodist, we believe that an understanding of French culture is key to appreciating the best French cuisine. That is why our chefs indulge you with stories during your time with us, discussing ingredients and sharing experiences of French menus and dishes. In understanding where our food comes from and the culture and history that has resulted in its particular ingredients and flavours, we hope to develop both our understanding of the food itself and the wider French culture that produces the greatest tastes in France.