Cooking Classes in Paris

Paris is such a world centre for fine food that many visitors to the city come purely to enjoy the gastronomy of this beautiful city. Such enjoyment can include strolling through the many food markets and sampling some outstanding produce. Then there is the joy of discovering a little neighbourhood bistro that serves simple but delicious French fare as you sit and watch the world go by. For others the true soul of Parisian cooking lies in the the top Michelin starred restaurants. For some though, getting closer to French cuisine means learning themselves during cooking classes in Paris. There are many to choose from but at Le Foodist we believe our approach leads to a unique experience.

Memorable cooking classes in Paris

At Le Foodist we believe in taking a holistic approach to engender a deeper understanding of French cuisine in our students. To achieve this, our cooking classes in Paris start where all good cooking starts: at the market. Here our students learn to select the finest ingredients for their cooking. Choosing from the freshest of in season produce, their selections then inform the menu that they will create on the day. Then we return to the kitchen where the cooking commences.

Learning core skills at our cooking classes in Paris

In France a cook must learn no less than 192 techniques in order to become qualified. To provide our students with a sound foundation for their cooking, each of our cooking classes in Paris teaches between 5 and 7 of these skills. In doing so we ensure that our students acquire knowledge they can continue to use after the course is long finished. To aid this retention of skills, our cooking classes in Paris also feature a unique teaching technique which helps our students to learn quickly and retain the knowledge they gain.

French culture and cooking classes in Paris

Perhaps the most unique aspect of our courses is the emphasis we place on talking about French culture during our classes. Throughout the day our chefs will tell stories about food and menus and our students are encouraged to share their own experiences. These enjoyable discussions continue after our cooking classes in Paris end and we sit together to enjoy the great food we have cooked. A three course meal with matching wines awaits and provides the perfect setting for us to share our thoughts on how history, terroir and culture shape the dishes on our plates.