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in Paris

€129 per person
10am-1pm Mo,Sat, Sun
3pm - 6pm Mo, Thu

French and Chocolate Croissants
Make from scratch
Hands-on, tasting with tea/coffee
Key tips and tricks revealed
Leave with plenty

Evening Cooking Class and Dinner in Paris

€159 per person
5:45 pm to 10:00 pm
Tuesday to Thursday

Hands-on 2hrs+ Class
Numerous Tips and Tricks
Three Course Meal
Red and White Wine
Dinner with Chef

Wine Tasting
in Paris

€69 per person
5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Taste 5 Wines, 1 Champagne
Initiation to blind Wine Tasting
Learn about Grapes and Regions
Learn how to Saber Champagne

Our Evening Cooking Class and Dinner in Paris Step by Step

STEP 1: Meet your Chef at the school in the heart of the Latin Quarter for an evening of learning, cooking and fun.

STEP 2: You will proceed to the first part of “mise en place”: weighing, chopping, dicing all come into play. And an opportunity to learn new skills in the process.

STEP 3: It is time to cook – and to learn why we cook certain things the way we do. And whatever we discuss, it is always with a focus on how the technique brings the best flavour.

STEP 4: Tasting your food as you cook it is always a good idea – as it is often too late by the time it is served.

STEP 5: Before serving dinner there will be time to plate the appetizers, and you will get the opportunity to come back to the kitchen to plate the other dishes. This is a time for creativity and efficiency.

STEP 6: It is time to enjoy your dinner with your Chef, along with stories about French Food and Culture and how they all tie together. And this is an opportunity as well for you to experience how we pair wine and food.