Croissant Class in Paris

Join our Croissant Class in Paris, and let one of our Pastry Chefs, using some of the finest ingredients, show you how to bake the quintessential Parisian buttery (and some will say decadent) Viennoiserie: le croissant. The complexity resided in making this leavened pastry dough with a perfect lamination. A technique a classically trained French pastry chef – and you after this baking course - would reapply to make Chocolate Croissants, Kouign Aman or even Mille Feuille (aka Napoleon).  

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Max 6 people

€109 per person

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Our Croissant Class in Paris Step by Step

Croissant Class in Paris Step 1

STEP 1: All our croissant classes in Paris are hands-on and we cook from scratch.  First things first: let's weigh the ingredients.

Croissant Class in Paris Step 2

STEP 2: Once the ingredients are ready, it is time to start mixing it all together, lay it flat, and incorporate the magic French ingredient:butter!

Croissant Class in Paris Step 3

STEP 3: And then it is time to fold - the right temperature, pressure and motion will all be critical to your success in the first of three foldings.

Croissant Class in Paris Step 4

STEP 4: After multiple folds, the magic of the laminated dough is starting to reveal itself.  It is those multiple layers of doug and butter which make the French croissants so special.

Croissant Class in Paris Step 5

STEP 5: The layers are ready to be rolled into the famous croissant - probably a good time to ask your Chef why it has that ... croissant shape.

Croissant Class in Paris Step 6

STEP 6: Now of course you can use that dough to make different types of "croissants" like the famous Chocolate Croissants - which we call Pain au Chocolat.

Croissant Class in Paris Step 7

STEP 7: The croissants now just need to prove a little, and with a little dorure to give it that golden shine, it will time to bake them - the last step before the most important one.

Croissant Class in Paris Step 8

STEP 8: It is time to eat!  At long last you are rewarded with warm croissants that you have made yourself - and will now know how to make for all your friends and family!

Croissants Classes Sample Reviews

What a wonderful class learning to make croissants in Paris the owner /instructor was excellent, talked slow was very helpful. She shared lots of technique. It was very personalized. just enjoyed it overall. I highly recommend it as a great experience here in Paris.

Cindy Cohen, February 2019

I (and 5 friends) took the croissant making class with Amanda and it was one of the highlights of my time in Paris. I had no idea how many steps were involved in making croissants, but Amanda walked us through them all, giving pointers along the way. It was great learning the process and also picking up some general baking tips and tricks. The croissants we made were delicious and I enjoyed the ones we got to take with us for days. I highly recommend the class and would definitely take another if I find myself in Paris again!

Grete D., June, 2019

My mother and I took the croissant class and it was wonderful. Lovely facilities, nice, small-sized class (only 6 of us), and an absolutely fantastic instructor, Guillaume, made for a great rainy afternoon in Paris. The croissants we made (and got to take with us) were delicious, and if either my mom or I are able to recreate anything near to them in the future, I will die happy. 

Megan R, March 2019

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