French Desserts Class in Paris

To some, French cuisine is most famous for its desserts: from souffle to brulee, from chocolate mousse to mille-feuille, or even Tarte Tatin (the famous inverted Apple tart) and French macarons. While you can learn how to make all of these French pastries with us, this particular class will focus on Chocolate Souffle, Creme Brulee and Crepes Suzette. And more than a dessert recipe, we will share tips and tricks so you can better enjoy the Pastry arts. However, no class at Le Foodist is complete without enjoying all these delicacies in our lovely dining room. With coffee, tea and white wine you will therefore enjoy the produce of your labour with your French pastry Chef.

Tues, Thur

9.30 am to 12.30 pm

Max 8 people

€99 per person

In English

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Our French Desserts Class in Paris Step by Step

French Desserts Class in Paris step 1

STEP 1: Making French Desserts always requires you to start weighing and measuring all your ingredients first.

French Desserts Class in Paris step 2

STEP 2: You will then mix, stir, and fold under the expert guidance of your chef. Temperature, shine or texture will be some of the critical things your Chef will draw your attention to.

French Desserts Class in Paris step 3

STEP 3: You will make your own crêpes which you will cover with delicious orange and Cointreau home made caramel sauce. This is the famous Crêpe Suzette.

French Desserts Class in Paris step 4

STEP 4: The art of brûléing your crème will have no secrets for you once you will have taken this class; and of course you could do this with many other types of crèmes.

French Desserts Class in Paris step 5

STEP 5: And after learning the art of folding the egg white and pouring in the appropriate ramequin, the dreaded Soufflés will become your friends.

French Desserts Class in Paris step 6

STEP 6: Time to taste everything you have prepared during a special teatime, where we will also serve you one of our favourite sweet white wines.

French Desserts Sample Reviews

During our trip to Paris, we did the french deserts cooking class led by Ann. It was one of the highlights of our vacation! Very well organized AND recipes I can actually cook at home! Great experience!

Travelsfr, August 2019

Bonjour Yelpers, the two French Cooking Classes we took with Le Foodist were an absolute pleasure and the highlights of our week in Paris. [...] Second, three-hours on Thursday, with Florence, making four famous French Desserts (Crêpes Suzette, Crème Brûlée, Chocolate Soufflé, and Financiers / also €99 per person). [...] The chefs were friendly, funny, informative and attentive to the students, the pace was comfortable (I never felt rushed), the kitchen was well equipped and restrooms clean. I recommend the classes, the Chefs, and Le Foodist unreservedly. Five Stars. And we are already talking about which classes we want to take when we return to Paris!

James M., July, 2019

Even if you do not bake this is a very good class and well worth the fee. The ambiance of the baking laboratory is very nice, well equipped and the staff are all very helpful. I recommend this to anyone interested in bread, baking or just want to experience the process.

davidth, Oct., 2019

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