Evening Cooking Class and Dinner

In our Cooking Class and Dinner classes, we will spend two and a half hours preparing a traditional three-course French dinner from scratch.  And while we will cook traditional French dishes, such as Onion Soup or Tarte Tatin, we will make sure you not only learn the recipes, but the why behind the techniques. So you can be successful at home. And this is always followed by a scrumptious dinner with your Chef who will happily share stories about French food and culture – while also sipping some nice white and red wines.  All these classes are hands-on, taught in English, set in a beautiful location, fund and instructive, and in small groups of maximum 12 people.

Tue, Wed, Thu

4 hours

Max 12 people

€159 per person

In English

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Our Evening Cooking Class and Dinner in Paris Step by Step

STEP 1: Meet your Chef at the school in the heart of the Latin Quarter for an evening of learning, cooking and fun.

STEP 2: You will proceed to the first part of “mise en place”: weighing, chopping, dicing all come into play. And an opportunity to learn new skills in the process.

STEP 3: It is time to cook – and to learn why we cook certain things the way we do. And whatever we discuss, it is always with a focus on how the technique brings the best flavour.

STEP 4: Tasting your food as you cook it is always a good idea – as it is often too late by the time it is served.

STEP 5: Before serving dinner there will be time to plate the appetizers, and you will get the opportunity to come back to the kitchen to plate the other dishes. This is a time for creativity and efficiency.

STEP 6: It is time to enjoy your dinner with your Chef, along with stories about French Food and Culture and how they all tie together. And this is an opportunity as well for you to experience how we pair wine and food.

Evening Cooking Class and Dinner Sample Reviews

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: GrandT on Tripadvisor in June 2019

This cooking class was fantastic, and was a highlight of the trip! Not only did you get to make food from delicious recipes, this class helped teach techniques and the "why" behind different steps. I learned so much and will definitely be taking another Le Foodist class in the future!

GrandT, June 2019

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Laura Philips on Google in April 2019

Our evening cooking class in Paris was one of the best parts of our trip. Le Foodist is extremely charming and the entire experience was great. Chef Sarah was informative and knowledgeable, and created a fun and laid back atmosphere for the class. My husband - who NEVER cooks - was learning so many new techniques and actually wants to help me prepare dinners now, all thanks to Chef Sarah! Preparing and cooking the food was awesome, but the highlight was eating it. The food we helped prepare was delicious and it feels like you are sharing a meal with your family. I would highly recommend this experience if you are in Paris; it was an unforgettable night.

Laura Phillips, April 2019

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Sofi E. on Tripadvisor in June 2019

My boyfriend booked us a cooking class at Le Foodist as a present and it was the perfect way to spend an evening doing something a little more unique in Paris. The food was delicious and I learned several new useful and repeatable techniques. Fred, the leader of the class, did an excellent job of keeping us all busy and entertained while simultaneously giving detailed instructions and explanations for each step we completed. The class also accommodates food allergies and restrictions. I would definitely recommend this cooking class as a way to get to know French cuisine a little bit better and as a really fun off the beaten path activity.

Sofi E, June 2018


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