Wine Tasting in Paris

We offer several types of Wine Tasting Classes in Paris – which we think of as experiences actually. In all, our sommelier, Stéphane, will guide you from beginning to end with humour and in-depth knowledge of French wine regions and wine growers. 

You will learn to recognize the geographic origin of French wines with all your senses – from smell all the way to touch! You will obviously taste all of those after being introduced to the keys of blind wine tasting. You will hear memorable anecdotes about famous wines such as Saint Emilion, or Loire Valley wines. And along the way, depending on the experience you join, you will of course either learn the keys to pairing French Wine with French Cheese – or go a bit further in understanding wine if focusing on Discovering France in 6 Glasses. 

And we always finish our classes with a nice surprise with Organic Champagne …

We offer several Pastry Classes in Paris : Macarons, French Desserts, Chocolate Eclairs and other French cakes...

They are small with a maximum of 8 participants working in pairs and hands-on. In our Pastry Classes in Paris, you will always start by measuring your ingredients and then your instructor will explain all the steps, focusing on what is critical and share many tips and tricks. After several hours in the kitchen, it will be teatime to enjoy your creations with tea and coffee, before leaving with a box full of French pastries.

While here you can see a video of a Macarons class, the idea is the same for all our Pastry Classes in Paris. And to note, while we can only welcome children 12 years and above in these classes, you are welcome to contact us for a private class if you have younger children, for example. We also offer Baking classes.

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Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunch in Paris

Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunch in Paris

€79 per person
12:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Taste 4 Wines, 1 Champagne, 7 Cheeses 
Discover the big French cheese families
Initiation to Blind Wine Tasting
Learn how to Saber Champagne


"Did the two hours wine tasting with four friends and LOVED IT. As should be a given at these sorts of things the sommelier Stephane knew his wine. It was his charismatic way of teaching though that made all the difference. We laughed the whole time and unwittingly learned a few things too".

 Samantha Barker, Oct. 2018, TripAdvisor

Wine Tasting
in Paris

Wine Tasting in Paris

€69 per person
5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Taste 5 Wines, 1 Champagne
Initiation to blind Wine Tasting
Learn about Grapes and Regions
Learn how to Saber Champagne

More about our Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunches

Cheese and Wine in Paris

The pleasures we can derive from French cuisine can seem endless.  However two of the best known and loved French gastronomic heroes are French cheese and wine. Whether we talk about a Brie which actually comes from very close to Paris, to a creamy Camembert from Normandy, or a Comté from the Alps, French cheese has a delight for all palates. And of course, French wines are even better known whether from Bordeaux great wines or Burgundy sophisticated whites – all of which enthral wine lovers.  Well, at our course on cheese and wine in Paris you will come to appreciate that although each is delicious on its own, properly matched cheese and wine together can make the experience of each even more enjoyable and an absolute delight.

How to pair French cheese and wine

Because not all pairings are actually what people expect, at Le Foodist we have decided to call these experiences 'Daring Pairings'. Maybe because we like to step out of the ordinary to challenge our taste buds, but really all we try to do is give you the perfect match fo cheese and wine in Paris.  So not only will you learn how to select the best wine to go with your cheese, but you will also learn what are the big cheese families in France – there are actually only five, and this is one of the keys to great pairing. In discovering all these pairings of cheese with wine you will be convinced that indeed two things together can be better than the sum of their parts.

It is important to have fun with pairing cheese and wine in Paris

Beyond the tastings though, we have found that the best way to help our clients remember and re-use their experience is to vary the way to approach both wine and cheese.  That is why during our courses on cheese and wine in Paris we share sensory games and many an anecdote to bring the produce to life in your mind as well as on your palate. Overall we will feature four excellent wines, one Champagne and demonstrate to you how best each combines with cheese, letting your taste guide you along with our teaching.

Understanding cheese and wine pairing while in Paris

While for many top Parisian wine stores and restaurant wine lists can be confusing and even intimidating, we believe that after our lunch learning how to pair cheese and wine in Paris, you will feel much more comfortable navigating all of those.  And we sincerely hope your knowledge will help you unlock a door to a whole new world of enjoyment of French wine and cheese pairing.  At every step of the way our sommelier will also share unique tips and tricks to understand wines better and how culture and wine are so related in France; hopefully enriching your own experience as well.

Wine Tastings Sample Reviews

Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunch

During our Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunches, you get to discover the five big families of French cheeses - and how to pair them with French wines.  Each pairing is an opportunity to explore France and the variety of its conditions giving rise to so many delicious types of wines.  While done with humour by our professfional sommelier, it is also a great discovery of French culture and territory through a broad exploration of some of its best produce.

Lots of fun at the
Wine and Cheese Pairing

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Susan on Tripadvisor on June 06, 2019

Three friends and I recently did the Wine and Cheese Pairing Class at Le Foodist with Stephane. I can say, for me, it was a great success. It was fun, informative and delicious.

The class was led by Stephane, who was very informative and I really felt like I learned a bit about wine and cheese and how to pair them together in a way to bring out the flavors of both. And it was also fun, Stephane was very engaging and made sure to include everyone, there were 7 people all together.

We tasted the wine, the cheese, talked about nuances and flavors but not in an overly pretentious way. We even learned how to open a bottle of champagne with a saber! That's all I'll say about it-but trust me it was great!

I highly recommend this class, and this company. I had taken a cooking class the previous year, 2018, and really enjoyed that as well. I feel, for me, I would definitely return to do another class if I return to Paris.

Merci beaucoup, Stephane, a bientôt!

Discover France in 6 Glasses

Our Discover France in 6 glasses experience is both an original Wine Tasting and a cultural experience in Paris. Our sommelier is full of tips, tricks and humour.  But most importantly he loves to share great wines.  From red to white to Champagne, you will taste it all and in the process discover the essence of what people around the world call 'local production' and which we call terroir in France.   Last but not least, this will also be your introduction to popping Champagne with a saber.  Unmissable.

Lovely wine tasting class
in Paris

5.0 5stars

Reviewed by: Harold B. on Tripadvisor on September 20, 2021

We came here for a lovely and intimate wine tasting class with Stephan. He was incredibly helpful in giving us some great tips and techniques on wine tasting and how to identify wines from the different regions in France. Along with his humor and stories, it was a very entertaining and educational two hours which we thoroughly enjoyed.

We will come back when we visit Paris again to learn some more !!

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