Wine Tasting in Paris

We offer several types of Wine Tasting Classes in Paris – which we think of as experiences actually. In all, our sommelier, Stéphane, will guide you from beginning to end with humour and in-depth knowledge of French wine regions and wine growers. 

You will learn to recognize the geographic origin of French wines with all your senses – from smell all the way to touch! You will obviously taste all of those after being introduced to the keys of blind wine tasting. You will hear memorable anecdotes about famous wines such as Saint Emilion, or Loire Valley wines. And along the way, depending on the experience you join, you will of course either learn the keys to pairing French Wine with French Cheese – or go a bit further in understanding wine if focusing on Discovering France in 6 Glasses. 

And we always finish our classes with a nice surprise with Organic Champagne …

Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunch in Paris

Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunch in Paris

€79 per person
12:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Taste 4 Wines, 1 Champagne, 7 Cheeses 
Discover the big French cheese families
Initiation to Blind Wine Tasting
Learn how to Saber Champagne


"Did the two hours wine tasting with four friends and LOVED IT. As should be a given at these sorts of things the sommelier Stephane knew his wine. It was his charismatic way of teaching though that made all the difference. We laughed the whole time and unwittingly learned a few things too".

 Samantha Barker, Oct. 2018, TripAdvisor

Wine Tasting
in Paris

Wine Tasting in Paris

€69 per person
5:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Taste 5 Wines, 1 Champagne
Initiation to blind Wine Tasting
Learn about Grapes and Regions
Learn how to Saber Champagne

Discover French Culture through Other Food Experiences

Discovering culture through food is what we want to do when we travel. So we have developed all our experiences with that simple idea in mind: ensure that you learn both about the topic at hand, but also about French culture in the process. So in our food tours we will talk about the history of various aspects of French food, in our cooking class about how certain dishes became so important in our culture. During our wine tastings we will explore the regional differences in French culture. And, a regional cooking holiday is an opportunity to deep dive French food culture to its core and foundation: the regional gastronomies and the concept of terroir. Follow the links to explore further.