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What Wine Tastings do we offer in Paris?

  • In depth initiation to Wine Tasting
  • Focused on all your senses
  • Taught in English
  • Full of tricks and tips
  • In a beautiful setting
  • Small Group classes
  • Available Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon
  • (see detal Below and in Availabilities)
  • Private Classes Possible

Introduction to French Wines

Only 39 €?  Yes!

Wine and Dine Experience in Paris

Book Now!

Taste 3 Wines in 1 hour
Served with Breads, Sliced Hams, Olives
Learn the fundamental of French Wines:
Label reading, Ordering or buying Wines,
Smells, Colours and Tastes to expect
You leave with the ultimate pouring device ...

Book Now!

Discover France in 6 Glasses

69 € - 2hrs "Learn & Laugh"

Around France in 6 Glasses Wine Tasting 

Book Now!

5 Wines, 1 Champagne, 2 hours
Initiation to blind Wine Tasting
Learn the relation between Grapes and Regions
Tips and tricks by a professional Sommelier
UNIQUE: Learn how to Saber Champagne
Served with Breads, Sliced Hams, Olives
Booklet on Wine Tasting
And you leave with the ultimate pouring tool ...

Book Now!

 Wine and Cheese Pairing Lunch

79 € - 2hrs "Learn & Lunch"

Wine and Cheese Lunch

Book Now!

Taste 4 Wines, 1 Champagne, 7 Cheeses in 2 hrs
Served with Breads, Sliced Hams, Olives
Discover the big French cheese families
Initiation to Blind Wine Tasting
Full Animation by a truly professional Sommelier
Learn how to Saber Champagne
And you leave with the ultimate pouring tool ...

Book Now!

"Stephane, the wine expert, lead the event and Fred added in interesting historical annecdotes - they were both engaging hosts. We learned about the different wine regions and the types of wines they produce, how to examine the color and the aromas and how to properly "swish"

Nancy L., Tripadvisor, March 2013

We were greeted by Stephan and had a wonderful time tasting wines and matching them with cheeses. Stephan made the entire process fun while also teaching you about the different wine regions in France.

Eliana, Tripadvisor, April 2015

What kind of Wine Tasting in Paris do we do at Le Foodist?

Alison Anna Arman checking wine color

Active Tasting:

People are engaged and having fun whether they come for an introduction to French wines, a deeper exploration or when they want to discover the secrets to Wine and Cheese pairing. From the moment you arrive to the minute you leave there will be a lot of to learn and explore ...




Tasting wine is a lot of fun; but we find it is even better with stories and anecdotes drawn from the regions and history of France - told based on a lot of knowledge, but also with a bit of humour so you can remember more than just the wines.


Blind Bottles and Perfumes Box

Using all your Senses: 

you will use your eyes, your nose, and your palate to discover wines.  But maybe also your ears and your fingers! We will even isolate some smells to help you recognize them in wine.
All of your senses will be put to contribution in this original discovery.


French cheeses

Pairing Wine with Cheese:

With hundreds of cheeses and close to a thousand types wines, and knowing that actually many combinations do not work, before taking this class, the odds are against you!  And yet, after an experience with us, you will understand the secret to pairing any French cheese with wine!

And you will of course also learn quite a bit about French cheeses throughout; from process to history to what are the big familities of cheese (one of the keys to pairing ...)

Champagne Saber and Two Cups

Champagne Tasting in Paris: 

Possibly the most famous of French wines, and a perfect tasting should involve it.  So whether in a discovery of France in 6 glasses or a Wine and Cheese pairing lunch, you will get to taste great Champagnes, and even learn how to saber one bottle.   And if you really like Champagne, then our "Champagne!" experience is for you.

Cheese and Wine in Paris

The pleasures we can derive from French cuisine can seem endless.  However two of the best known and loved French gastronomic heroes are French cheese and wine. Whether we talk about a Brie which actually comes from very close to Paris, to a creamy Camembert from Normandy, or a Comté from the Alps, French cheese has a delight for all palates. And of course, French wines are even better known whether from Bordeaux great wines or Burgundy sophisticated whites – all of which enthral wine lovers.  Well, at our course on cheese and wine in Paris you will come to appreciate that although each is delicious on its own, properly matched cheese and wine together can make the experience of each even more enjoyable and an absolute delight.

How to pair cheese and wine in Paris

Because not all pairings are actually what people expect, at Le Foodist we have decided to call these experiences 'Daring Pairings' .  Maybe because like to step out of the ordinary to challenge our taste buds, but really all we try to do is give you the perfect match for cheese and wine in Paris .  So not only will you learn how to select the best wine to go with your cheese, but you will also learn what are the big cheese families in France – there are actually only five, and this is one of the keys to great pairing. In discovering all these pairings of cheese with wine you will be convinced that indeed two things together can be better than the sum of their parts.

It is important to have fun with cheese and wine in Paris

Beyond the tastings though, we have found that the best way to help our clients remember and re-use their experience is to vary the way to approach both wine and cheese.  That is why during our courses on cheese and wine in Paris we share sensory games and many an anecdote to bring the produce to life in your mind as well as on your palate. Overall we will feature four excellent wines, one Champagne and demonstrate to you how best each combines with cheese, letting your taste guide you along with our teaching.

Understanding cheese and wine in Paris

While for many top Parisian wine stores and restaurant wine lists can be confusing and even intimidating, we believe that after our course for cheese and wine in Paris you will feel much more comfortable navigating all of those.  And we sincerely hope your knowledge will help you unlock a door to a whole new world of enjoyment of French wine and cheese pairing.  At every step of the way our sommelier will also share unique tips and tricks to understand wines better and how culture and wine are so related in France; hopefully enriching your own experience as well.