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Croissant des gâteaux et du pain

Claire Damon is special, and she proved it by becoming one of the few women pastry chefs in Paris. She has worked with renowned chefs  like Pierre Hermé or Christophe Michalak, with whom, in search of perfection, she achieved excellence. But she is not only top of the class: she possesses a real sensitivity that is obvious in each of her creations.

In order to prepare outstanding croissants and chocolate rolls, her elegant patisserie  possesses its own « tourier », a rare specialist for the preparation of the dough... The ingredients for each cake are very carefully selected. The butter and eggs come from a farm in Normandy.

Well balanced, the croissant is finely crafted with puff pastry. The result is magnificent, well cooked, golden, and generous. It is crunchy and tender at the same time. It is crusty outside, whereas the inside melts in your mouth. It tastes of of yeast with a little hint of caramel. Yummy....

Croissant du Pain et des Idées

Christophe Vasseur is not like any of the others! Nothing prepared him to become a baker: his parents, both doctors, wanted to guide his education and he ended up working in fashion, comfortably settled in Asia; but one day he decides to leave everything and returns to France. Here, in Paris, he becomes a baker apprentice, at the age of 33. “I wanted to create something with my own hands”, he explains. In 2002 he finally finds his place of election: a magnificent shop classified as “Historic Monument” - which ever since is constantly crowded.

All the products are made on the spot. The best ingredients are selected: biological flour, extra fine fresh butter, free-range eggs... Croissants are cooked in a natural stone oven, which gives them a particular, authentic taste. The result is a magnificent croissant, crunchy below, with an enticing aroma of butter and almond. The outside is layered, light and crispy, the inside slightly soft and tender. A delightful experience!


Croissant Gontran Cherrier

Gontran Cherrier

22 rue Caulaincourt 75018 Paris

Tél 01 46 06 82 66

Gontran Cherrier was born in 1978 in Normandy in a family of bakers and pastry cooks since 4 generations. He learned the family trade and pursued his passion at specialized schools alongside the best of his time, until he opened his first bakery in 2010 at the foot of Montmartre, Paris. 

There, in the heart of Paris, he indulges his youthful imagination, enriched by worldwide travels, from Europe to Morocco, from Russia to South Korea, where he explores new tastes and picks up local traditions, transforming ancestral techniques and creating new harmonies, often with exotic ingredients: miso, chickpeas, cumin or squid ink... His bakery enjoys rapid success and expansion abroad, thanks to the generous variety of colours and flavours, but also to his flamboyant style. Gontran Cherrier participates regularly in TV shows, becomes a personality, is even elected the sexiest baker of France.

The croissant proposed by Gontran Cherrier is recognizable thanks to its particular form. The points are thicker, the layers are very apparent... As concerns preparation, extra-fine Montaigu butter is used for the dough, the trimmings of the previous day are kept and added into the kneading of the new dough, which gives it a slightly fermented taste; only two folds are made, instead of three generally, which explains the particular character of the puff pastry. As a result, the croissant tastes of fresh butter and caramel, with a marked contrast in texture between the crisp


Croissant Gérard Mulot

Gérard Mulot

76 rue de Seine 75006

01 43 26 85 77

Gérard Mulot, native of the Vosges region, confesses that he comes from “a family of gourmets and ended up doing this job thanks to my taste for fancy food”. He learns the job at Dalloyau, where he focuses on the delicatessen department. He settles down in 1975, a few steps away from the Saint Germain market. Over years of rapid ascent in the trade, Gérard Mulot builds a robust reputation of quality. He quickly becomes a renowned high-end pastry cook.

Gérard Mulot is a pioneer in quality macaroons. He openly broadcasts his working philosophy through the generosity and the quality of his products. People come for his chocolates, his sweets, but also for his services as a caterer. His shop is a crucial address in the district, attracting droves of Parisians and tourists to taste some of his specialties. He has been able to maintain a high level of excellence in spite of the arrival of numerous fashionable pastry cooks in the district and his regular customers have been faithful over the generations.

Croissants and viennoiseries are part of the “must eat” at Mulot. The croissant is magnificently golden in colour, its layers are crunchy and it tastes of fresh butter, with a hint of yeast. In short, delicious!


Guy Krenzer MOF


48 avenue Victor Hugo 75016

01 45 02 21 21

Guy Krenzer’s vocation came to him by chance, browsing through a cook book. His first choice was to become a delicatessen caterer. As an eager apprentice, his masters urged him to begin the initiatory route of the Tour de France, within the corporation of the “Compagnons du Devoir”, where he discovered the know-how and appreciated the sense of sharing of the older generations. Loving all aspects of cooking, he began a career of successful experiments, obtaining the titles of “Best craftsman of France in delicatessen” in 1988, then of “Best craftsman of France in cooking” in 1996.

He then met Gaston Lenôtre, for whom he already felt unlimited admiration. The spiritual father of modern pastry, Lenôtre opened his first Parisian shop in 1957 and today possesses 39 addresses in 11 countries.

Before turning 40, Krenzer was the main chef in Lenôtre's kitchens. Always capable of adapting, maintaining focus and serenity through the practice of shiatsu, Guy Krenzer has recently become the Creative Director of Lenôtre. Proud of his team of 500 people, he makes no difference between a waiter and a chef; they both deserve his full respect and their performance meets his expectations.

Among the “must-taste” pastries of the brand, you can find “Feuilles d'automne” (chocolate mousse and meringue with almonds), the “Bagatelle” strawberry cake, the “Eléonore” apple pie, but also more recent creations like the “Planète citron” (almond paste, lime mousse and yuzu cream), the “Fleur des neiges” with vanilla and blueberries or the “Pom Pom Pom” (puff pastry with vanilla cream and apple enrobed in caramel). 

Guy Krenzer's choice is the “Butterfly”, with vanilla and blackcurrant, an intimate and sensual pastry which plays with the overlapping textures, and celebrates a beautiful balance between the acidity and the sweetness. A beautiful sophistication for someone who admits nevertheless that his weakness remains “Mum’s cherry plum pie”.