What are our French Cooking Courses in Paris like?

  • Totally hands-on
  • Taught in English
  • Tues,  Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun Morning; Wed, Thurs Evening
  • With or without Market Visit
  • Set in a beautiful location
  • Fun and instructive
  • Followed by a Scrumptious 3 course meal
  • Meal served with white and red wine
  • Small groups classes
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French Cooking Courses in Paris

Paris is the world capital of fine dining and with so many great chefs around it is no wonder that French cooking courses in Paris are so popular. Sampling the best cuisine that Paris has to offer in a Michelin starred restaurant is, of course, a wonderful treat, but learning how to cook great food yourself at French cooking courses in Paris is an altogether more memorable experience. At Le Foodist we believe we have a unique approach to teaching how to cook classic French food, which is both instructive and enjoyable. Our teaching style, while relaxed and fun, features a unique Le Foodist technique which helps you to learn quickly and remember your new found skills long after the course has finished.

Culture and French cooking courses in Paris

Another unique feature of our French cooking courses in Paris is the place we give French culture in teaching about French food. We believe that to truly understand French food, one must understand where it comes from. That includes the 'terroir' of course but also the history of the people and culture of the region. These are the things that make a dish a classic and shape the food that arrives on our plates.

Learning new skills at our French cooking courses in Paris

Some students may be surprised to learn that the first new skill we teach is in the market and not in the kitchen. Here we teach our students hot to select the finest produce, identifying the freshest ingredients from produce which is in season. Like all good chefs, we learn to alter our cooking to suit what is available and making these choices helps shape our menus, influencing what we will cook on the day. Only then do we return to the kitchen to start cooking our wonderful produce. There we will impart some of the core skills of classic French cooking that every French professional chef must master.

Enjoying our French cooking courses in Paris

As you cook, our chefs will share with you their stories of ingredients and experiences of French food. These cultural discussions will, we believe, place the food in its proper context, allowing you a deeper understanding of both French cuisine and French culture. Our French cooking courses in Paris then climax with a four course meal with matching wines. The hard work done, you enjoy the results of your cooking and we continue sharing stories of how this food relates to the local French culture.