French Market Visit and Cooking Class

  • Totally hands-on
  • Taught in English
  • Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun Morning; Wed, Thurs Evening
  • With or without Market Visit
  • Set in a beautiful location
  • Fun and instructive
  • Followed by a Scrumptious 3 course meal
  • Meal served with white and red wine
  • Small groups classes
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French Market Visit and Cooking Class in Paris

There are many ways to discover a city and Paris has established quite a reputation for its museums, cabaret revues like Moulin Rouge and cafés to just sit at and watch people walk by.  But the true heart of a city - the vital part without which no city is alive - is where people find their food.  For without food there is no life ... Hence a French Market Visit with Cooking Class in Paris is a great way to discover the city. Actually we would argue it is the best way once you learn how to read a market.  And at Le Foodist we make sure that this experience is as complete as possible.  Judge by yourself:

Our French Market Visit and Cooking Class in Paris take place in the Latin Quarter

There are many different neighbourhoods in Paris - you might have heard of the 20 arrondissements of Paris - and just changing neighbourhood will change your perception of Paris.  Because we are situated in the Latin Quarter - the oldest historial part of Paris - any French Market Visit with a Cooking Class in Paris with Le Foodist also entails discovering surprising facts about some of the history of this fascinating neighbourhood as well. This is after all where Paris sprouted 2,000 years ago, is still home to some of the best schools and universities of France, and is paved with historical and fascinating buildings - and the ghosts of such important figures as Hemingway or Joyce.  

A French Market Visit and Cooking Class in Paris to learn about local produce and supply

There are over 70 open-air and covered markets in Paris, which open every other day, making about 35 markets available for visit every day of the week - except Monday.  Do not sign-up for a Market Visit on monday with anybody ... this would be a scam.  This great variety means that every Parisian can find a Market in Paris within walking distance at least every other day. But where does all the food come froma?  In our French Market Visit and Cooking Class in Paris, we talk about local products and show you how to recognize where they come from.  And the answer can often be surprising.

French Market Visit and Cooking Class in Paris: also a focus on cooking techniques

There is a growing number of Cooking Classes available in Paris - albeit often in French and often just demos.  Be reassured, all our classes are in English.  And we ensure you have a real hands-on experience.   But we also make sure our French Market Visit and Cooking Class iin Paris is a great way for you to expand your range ot technical skills.  More often than not, people learn recipes, but they do not reproduce them more than once.  However we have found over and over that people will re-use the technical skills they acquired - independently from a given recipe.  So we show recipes and focus on French cooking techniques.

Finish your French Market Visit and Cooking Class in Paris with a scrumptious meal

What would be the point of all this, if not tofinish with a great French meal?  With appetizer, main, cheese, dessert, white and red wine, our lunches are quite an experience in their own right.  But we add something special to it.  In our French Market Visit and Cooking Class in Paris we add stories about each of the dishes you have prepared to help explore various aspects of French culture.  This is because in France, a meal is a lot more than food; it is a way to connect with others, and share a bit of ourselves as well.