What are the best French Restaurants in Paris?

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French Restaurants in Paris

Paris is a beautiful city, renowned for its stunning architecture, fabulous art collections and haute couture fashion houses. It is also famous for its food though and French cuisine has influenced chefs all over the world. It is a special treat to enjoy such cooking in its native environment though and there is such a variety of French restaurants in Paris that something can be found to suit every palate and pocket. For some, what epitomises French cooking is haute cuisine. There are many such French restaurants in Paris, boasting one, two or even three Michelin stars and providing some of the best dining experiences in the entire world.

The range of French restaurants in Paris

For a slightly less formal affair, Paris also has a fine tradition of brasserie restaurants. Here you will find good cooking with skill and flair serving classic French dishes in more relaxed surroundings. If informal dining is what you are after, perhaps the most popular French restaurants in Paris are the bistros. The perfect Parisian bistro will serve simple, robust but flavourful artisan French food. You will be sitting in a casual room, with the menu written on a board and the chance to enjoy watching the world go by outside.

The skills of French restaurants in Paris

For many, it is enough to simply enjoy the variety of food on offer at these restaurants but others find the desire to cook these dishes for themselves. At Le Foodist we take the secrets of French restaurants in Paris and share them with our students. All great French chefs know the importance of good, fresh produce and our cookery classes begin in the market. Here our students learn to choose the best ingredients and it is this that decides the menu to be cooked on the day.

Cooking like French restaurants in Paris

Back in the kitchen, each of our courses provides our students with a firm grounding in 5-7 of the 192 basic techniques of French cooking that must be mastered by every professional French chef. We utilise a unique teaching technique to ensure that our students learn quickly and remember all they have learned. After all of that hard work, we sit down together to enjoy the three course meal we have prepared, accompanied by matching wines. Then we discuss how the culture of France has led to the food we are enjoying and which is cooked in the finest French restaurants in Paris.