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PA Macarons Class in Paris: What You'll Learn

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When you travel to a bakery in France one colorful creation you'll often come across is macarons. These small cookies are made out of a fluffy egg white, powdered sugar, almond flour, and cream or jam filling that instantly melt in your mouth. Because of their delicious texture and taste many often want to try their hand at a baking and pastry class in Paris that teaches how you can make these iconic pastries. If you're considering taking a macarons class in Paris, this article will help prepare you as to what you'll be taught in it and how you can perfect your macaron baking. 

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What is a Macaron?

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As mentioned above, a macaron is a very light and delicate cookie that can sometimes be confused with the English macaroon cookie. This cookie is made out of whipped egg whites, powdered sugar, almond flour, and cream of tartar. All of these ingredients are carefully mixed together to make a fluffy dough which is then put into a piping bag so it can be shaped into medium-size circles on a baking tray. After baking for a few minutes in the oven, they can then be taken out and made into "sandwiches" by putting a cream filling on the top of one and placing another macaron on the top of that. 

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What You'll Be Taught

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There are plenty of things you'll be taught in a pastry class in Paris, hosted by a professional chef, when it comes to making these delectable cookies. 

How to Keep the Correct Consistency

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One of the most important parts of making these cookies is keeping the correct consistency. These are very delicate cookies and one wrong step can ruin their fluffy texture. You'll discover how to mix the ingredients properly so they aren't over-mixed and how to keep butter and oil out of the dough when it can cause it to deflate.  

How to Best Cook it in the Oven

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Cooking these treats in the oven is one of the trickiest parts. However, with this helpful experience you'll find out how to tap the baking pan to remove air bubbles in the dough, the best culinary piping tips and bags to use when putting the dough on a baking pan, and even how to properly space the dough so it doesn't run together. 

How to Prepare the Ingredients

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These cookies require intense care when it comes to preparing its ingredients. You'll discover how to make the perfect meringue with the egg whites, how to grind almonds to make a fine flour, and how much coloring dye you can add to the dough so it has just the right amount of color. 

How to Make Fillings

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This French food wouldn't be complete without its filling. You'll discover different filling types, like jam, chocolate ganache, and buttercream you can put into your macaron and how you can best prepare them for the cookies. 

If you're looking to find out more about how to make these delicious treats, this is perfect for you to try. You'll be taught how to perfectly make these delicate pastries. Better yet, if you enjoy your day class you'll find there are plenty of other ones that teach the art of French pastries like croissant classes. If you want to discover more behind these incredible pastries, definitely consider signing up for this event which can give you more hands-on experience than a culinary book can. 

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