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Paris Food Markets by Day of the Week: A Guide

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Paris is home to many culinary markets that are set up throughout the week that you can travel to.

Here you'll find various things like pastries, fruits, and vegetables that can be used to make fresh meals. You'll also be able to interact with local farmers and ask more behind the ingredients and how they're grown or raised which can make it easier for you to discover more behind where your ingredients are from.

However, it can be difficult to plan ahead when there are so many options available and Paris gourmet food walking tour.  

Paris food markets by day of week

Types of Markets

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When it comes to searching for these in France you'll find two main types: outdoor and covered. In Paris, there are over 13 covered ones and 69 outdoor ones.

One thing to keep in mind is that the covered ones are almost always opened on every day of the week while outdoor ones are opened for only a few throughout it. Many also offer delicious street meals you can try while browsing for ingredients. 

The Week's Parisian Timetable

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Most are closed on Mondays, but there are a few that still operate during this day. 

  •  Marché Couvert Saint-Didier

This covered spot is located in Paris's 16th arrondissement and offers a wide variety of ingredients you can buy. You'll find fresh fruit and vegetables, artisan breads, and fish here. There's even a pizzeria you can stop in at to buy some fresh pizza. You'll also be able to stop by their flower and linen store to buy some decorations to grace your dinner table. 

  • Marché d'Aligre

This outdoor market is located in the 12th arrondissement and offers a large selection of oysters, dairy products, spices, and fresh croissants. It's open for a few hours in the morning and then opens back up in the evening for another few hours. 

  • Marché Bourse

Located near the Palais Brongniart, Marché Bourse is one of the only markets in this city that is opened in the afternoon. While a little on the small side, it offers a great selection of fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, and freshly ground spices. This market is also opened on Friday. 

  • Les Enfants Rouges

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As one of the oldest covered ones in Paris, the Les Enfants Rouges is a market all should take a quick stop to. It offers freshly brewed coffee, jams, dairy products, fruit juices, and seafood, like oysters. You'll also find a few restaurants you can dine at. 

  • Port-Royal

This organic market is known for being a very friendly spot to buy organic ingredients and fruits/vegetables. Situated next to the Hôpital du Val-de-Grâce, it opens very early in the morning (7 AM) so you can quickly buy your needed ingredients for your meals. This large market is also open on Thursday and Saturday. 

  • Saint-Honoré

Lining the exterior of a massive office building, this market has been around for over 200 years. It's known for its wide selection of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and even pre-made dishes. Some highlights here are the fresh strawberries and local wine selections. 

  • Charonne

Charonne is ideal for those who are looking for fresh fish and meat to venture to. You'll find a large selection of these products here. 

  • Marché Bercy

If you're looking for fresh organic fruits and vegetables this is the place you'll want to shop at. 

  • Point du Jour

Located in Paris's 16th arrondissement, Point du Jour offers a wide selection of fresh milk and other dairy products, meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables. However, keep in mind this tends to be a little crowded with people so it's best to arrive early. 

  • Rue Cler Market Street

If you're looking for a unique shopping experience you'll want to venture out to this open-air market. You'll be able to walk down cobblestone streets while stopping at various types of shops for dairy products, pastries, and meats. You might even find some flowers to decorate your dining table with to add a beautiful floral flair to your meals. 

  • Maubert

This small market first opened during the 1920s. It's located near the historic Notre Dame Cathedral and is known for its selection of fruits. This market opens very early in the morning (7 AM).

  • Monge

Monge is known for being situated in a picturesque setting with fountains lining the square it's located in. While expensive, the products here are known for their high-quality and freshness. Monge is also opened on Wednesday and Sunday. 

  • Raspail

This market offers everything organic. You'll find delicious fruits and vegetables, handmade breads, and local honey you can use in your dishes.

  • Baudoyer

As one of the first covered afternoon ones to open in the city, Baudoyer offers over 15 different stalls that sell everything from vegetables, fish, and meats. It's especially known for its selection of olives, oysters, and catering services. 

  • Saxe-Breteuil

This chic market is known for its pricey products that are very fresh. You'll find freshly caught oysters and local cheese stalls you can browse through. 

  • Saint-Germain

This small covered market offers pre-made meals, fruits, juices, meats, fish, and cheeses. It has a large cheese selection where you'll be able to find almost every type of this dairy item imaginable. 

  • Bastille

Bastille is a great way for shoppers to meet local farmers to learn more about the items being sold. It's known for its offering of olives, sausages, and artichokes and is ideal for those trying to make the ultimate picnic to visit. 

With this guide, you'll be able to discover some of the best shops in the world for pre-made dishes and fresh ingredients. They all are quite unique from each other so you'll be able to find something new in each of them which can help you to explore more behind the French cuisine

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