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Paris Food Tour Itinerary: Where to Travel

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Paris is home to an incredible array of dishes and treats you can try which can take days to fully experience. Because of this, it can be difficult to make sure you stop at the best places in the city to experience the local cuisine.

You can sign up for culinary tours which will take you around to various stops or venture out yourself to the different Paris quarters to see what they each have to offer, like café au lait, baguettes, or freshly baked chocolate croissants.

Below you'll find a guide with more information behind certain quarters and the must-see places all foodies should try when in the City of Lights. 

Paris food tour itinerary

Getting Around

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Most of the quarters in Paris are connected to each other in some way, so you'll be able to visit a few within one stop during the days of your tour. Altogether there are 20 different districts that are situated next to each other in a unique spiraling pattern, so you'll basically wind your way around this area when shopping for ingredients or trying dishes. 

Where to Stop in Paris, the Week's Timetable

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Ile de la Cité

  •  Café Saint Regis

This café is a great spot to venture to during the day if you're looking to try some traditional French cuisine while in Paris. Situated in a historic neighborhood, Café Saint Regis offers a terrace you can sit out at while enjoying their homemade cocktails, hamburgers, and croissants

  • Berthillon

This ice cream shop started in 1954 and has made a huge impact in this district. Open during the spring and summer, it offers many different types of creations with something new always on the menu. You can try their specialties like Tatin Ice (a mixture of apples and caramel) and Ice Bottle Opera (a mound made up of chocolate with coffee inside it). 

  • Huré 

This chic bakery in Paris is where you'll find some authentic pastries and bread. This bakery is well-known for its almond croissants which is a must to try when you visit here during your day trip.  


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The Tuileries

  • Amorino

This little shop is located near the Tuileries Garden and is the perfect place to grab some gelato, waffles, and homemade macarons you can enjoy during a day walk. 

  • Flottes

Flottes offers a wide selection of brasserie cuisine and is a very elegant place to dine at. You'll find a large wine menu here as well as delicious sandwich, pasta, and seafood selections. 

The Champs-Elysées

  • Le Gabriel

While pricey, Le Gabriel is a stop all foodies should make when in Paris, France. This 2 Michelin Star restaurant is made up of a modern decor and offers a large bar and mouthwatering selections like escargots, roasted scallops, and a variety of cheeses. 

  • Rue Poncelet Market Street

If you want to make your own picnic for a quick day trip, this street is something you'll want to stop at. You'll be able to find numerous shops that sell a variety of fresh ingredients like vegetables, fruits, fish, wine, and honey. This street is also home to the iconic Alléosse, a cheese shop, that is known for making cheeses with traditional cheesemaking methods. 

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The Marais

  • Breizh Café

Situated in the heart of the Jewish Quarter in Paris, the Breizh Café is known for its incredible crêpes. Made out of a special mixture of buckwheat flour and fresh Bordier butter after an original Bretonne recipe, it's a must-stop place when in The Marais. 

  • Fromagerie Jouannault

This small cheese shop is filled with a large selection of cheeses. You'll find seasonal options as well as the shop's specialty ones like Brie Trufflé and Brie Goat Cheese with Figs. 

The Latin Quarter

  • Café de la Nouvelle Mairie

This modern Parisian café offers a great selection of wines and cheeses produced in France you can enjoy. You'll also find they sell freshly made sausages and tapas which are a local favorite. 

  • Mococha

Mocoha offers numerous artisan chocolate options you can enjoy. These colorful and flavorful creations are unique from each other and are made out of various molds. The shop offers many chocolate collections you can try like the Fabrice Gillotte Collection, which offers a milk chocolate creation make out of vanilla marzipan and grapefruit, and the Johann Dubois Collection which has a dark chocolate base with a swirling mixture of lemon and caramel in it. 


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  • Montparnasse Market

There are plenty of markets you'll find in this section of Paris. One that should definitely be visited is the Montparnasse Market. This market feature stalls lining the streets and bins full of fresh vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meats, and breads. 

  • La Coupole

This historic restaurant is known for its incredible art deco decor and amazing dishes. Here you'll find many fresh seafood and meat selections you can enjoy. This restaurant is also known for its spicy curry which can give you a taste of various world cuisines. 

The Opera Quarter

  • Café Marly

Situated under towering arches and offering an amazing view of the Louvre, Café Marly is a very elegant spot to dine at. You can sit outside while dining on flavorful dishes that highlight the contemporary cuisine scene

  • Café de la Paix

This famous place is a stop everyone should consider stopping at when on a tour. It offers a gourmet restaurant which tends to be a little pricey but has an incredible seasonal menu, a terrace where you can grab a quick bite to eat, and even an oyster bar where it serves flavorful oysters caught by local fishermen. 


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  • Manger

This contemporary restaurant showcases some of the latest creations in the French cuisine. Here you'll be able to try black pudding and beetroot salad, two dishes which are very popular here. 

  • La Cave, à la Bastille

When in Bastille you'll want to travel to this wine shop. Here you'll find a great selection of various wines that were created throughout France. You'll be able to learn more behind the history of the wines offered and even try some of the shop's specialties, like Jean-Claude Desmarty and Laherte Brothers. 


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  • Pain Pain

Pain Pain is a chic bakery and pastry shop that all visitors to Montmartre should travel to. You'll find freshly made baguettes, croissants, brioches, sandwiches, and cakes here you can enjoy. This shop is also known for its mouthwatering Cinnamon Slipper pastry. 

  • Chamarré Montmartre

This laid-back café overlooks the street below it and during the warm months has a beautiful terrace covered in fragrant flowers you can dine on. You'll be able to sip some fresh coffee while enjoying small dishes and edible items to fulfill your appetite like the tangy Sicilian lemon marmalade

Paris is the perfect place to travel to for food tours. You'll find a variety of choices and this guide will help ensure you stop at some of the top places when in the city. 

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