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Touring Parisian Food with Kids

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When you tell others that you're bringing your children to Paris, you may hear an audible gasp. The Métropole has unfortunately garnered a reputation for being notoriously child-unfriendly due to issues like the massive crowds swarming monuments and the nightmare that is attempting to bring a stroller on the metro. 

However, despite this bad rap, Paris is actually a great city for families. You can still see the sights and embark on culinary expeditions with kids in tow - all you need is a little bit of planning.

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Kid-Friendly Food Tours

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If you want to experience the wonders of French cuisine along with your family, you will want to book a tour that's geared toward families. While you can generally get away with bringing the whole crew on most sightseeing excursions, you absolutely want to go for something kid-oriented when it comes to culinary expeditions for three reasons:

  • Walking: an average tour might require a lot of walking, which may be too much for young ones.
  • Pickiness: a kid-oriented tour will account for your resident picky eaters and choose restaurants with options for them.
  • Booze: this is the big one - many standard excursions will include a heavy emphasis on the wine. While you may need a glass by the end of the day, you don't want to be surrounded by a horde of drunken twenty-somethings.

The good news is that Paris has loads of culinary activities meant for families. Many companies provide tours specifically for families with a guide that's trained to work with young ones. If walking around with a child in tow sounds like too much hassle, you can also opt for a cooking class or visiting a market instead. You can even request a private tour geared toward your needs and preferences. By planning ahead, you won't miss out on a bit of France's world-famous cuisine even with your young ones.

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Other Travel Tips

Read more about our Paris Food Tours here

When you visit Paris as a family, you should also keep a few other issues in mind when planning your trip.

Location Matters

While the 20 arrondissements are fairly safe, you should do your research to find an area that's ideal for families. For example, while Saint-Germain and Marais are both lovely neighborhoods filled with amazing sights and foods, you may prefer Saint-Germain at night because Marais is also a nightlife hub.

Plan Ahead

If you're dead-set on seeing all of the major sights, pre-booking tickets to the Eiffel Tower and obtaining a Paris Museum Pass will save you precious time and money when trying to see as many sights as humanly possible.

Mind Restaurant Behavior

As a foodie, you'll likely want to dine at traditional restaurants - and maybe even a fine dining establishment or two. Fortunately, you're welcome to bring your little ones to most places, but they're expected to behave. If your kid is feeling fussy or ornery, then you might want to skip the sit-down meal.

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