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Paris' Best Private Food Tours

When it comes to cuisine, France is by far, one of the best nations in this regard. The country is legendary for its wine and restaurants, however, these living arts continually evolve and the city of Paris, in particular, uphold the nation’s culture. The ideal experience for those who fall head over heels for French cuisine with a spark of history – foods and exciting tours to tantalize your palate with great French gourmet foods as you explore a new pulsating neighborhood in Paris! The below-mentioned private food tours are undoubtedly the best as far as the practice of the culinary arts in Paris is concerned.

private food tours in Paris

Taste of Le Marais Food Tour

Have you ever wanted to travel to a place you could only dream of? In Le Marais, you’ll feel a particular atmosphere and a certain adrenaline rush that would make you realize that the dream has actually been realized. During your tour in Paris, you’ll get the chance to attempt a wide range of culinary pleasures, guaranteed to set your palate in the mood. In the first place, your Parisian guide will take you to a classic brasserie to try out some popular traditional croque-monsieur, wine, or coffee.

Also, during your tour, you will drop by a boulangerie where you will find out about classic baguettes and bread. And lastly, to put the icing on the cake, you will be offered the nation’s best macarons and chocolates.

Tour Highlights

Chocolate and Pastry Food Tour

Consolidate your affection for cakes and chocolate with your passion for this legendary city in France! Out of all private tours in Paris, they’re the only tour that consolidates French gourmet specialism with a day or night walking tour in order for you to have a clear conscience about your adventure. Savor the experience of this delicious blend of pastries, custom, and history, as you peruse the amusement of the neighborhood.

The numbers of persons in the group are usually limited to eight, making it more suitable to get personalized attention from your tour guide. The tour is anchored by a veteran, who will walk you through the neighborhood of your choice to visit some renowned bakeries, chocolate, and pastry shops. They also offer day and night service!

Tour highlights

  • Small-group tour to ensure personal service all day long.
  • Free snacks available.
  • Anchored by a native guide.

Dinner Cruise on the Canal Saint-Martin Food Tour

With this tour group, you’re guaranteed an amazing experience of gliding along one of the most beautiful waterways in Paris on a dinner cruise of the Canal Saint-Martin. What more? Look forward to floating past the romantic walkways sheltered by chestnut trees. Hop aboard for a lovely evening voyage along the Canal Saint-Martin and peruse the charming atmosphere of Paris. Set out at the former home of the Bassin de la Villette and pay homage to the Rotonde de la Villette, a part of the historical walls.

During your tour, you’ll have the opportunity to wander through the cryptic passageways to encounter a feeling of magic and beauty and end it at the Port de l'Arsenal to witness the virtuoso of the Place de la Bastille alongside its high column measured at 52 meters. That’s not all actually as the tour also includes a stop at the River Seine where you’ll see some of the most delightful landmarks around, it has probably offered way more than many private tours in Paris. Also on your way, you’ll pass the nine locks, two swing bridges, and four footbridges as you devour from the onboard dinner.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the cryptic passageways of the most romantic watercourses.
  • Cruise along the famous Canal Saint-Martin.
  • Experience the melodic atmosphere of the old "guinguettes".
Marché d'Aligre: 2-Hour Market Food Tour
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Discover the clamoring market arts of Paris during a 2-hour tour via the vibrant Marché d'Aligre, one of the best tours in the country. During your tour, you’ll have the chance to explore the stalls of tapenades, flowers, spices, and coffees, and head to the flea market to take a look at some fascinating souvenirs. Some parts of Paris are often forgotten by tourists but with this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to maximize your travel by visiting this place.

With regards to the available markets, the Marché d'Aligre is as cool as you would think, circumscribing the pulsating North African shops and included two market areas: the outdoor street market and the indoor Marché Couvert Beauvau. Make a short trip to the famous rare covered market, one of the last twenty remaining from the historical "passages couverts" situated behind the great boulevards. This 2-hour experience could be the best you’ve had amongst your tours.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the interesting market's history.
  • Learn about the dynamic market at Marché d'Aligre.
  • Enjoy a few tastings of forte foods and discover the flea market.

VIP Michelin Star Food Tour

Get set for a private Parisian cuisine experience like never before! Appreciate divine dishes at three distinctive Michelin Star Restaurants during this exceptional with-locals visit. You will enjoy first class culinary manifestations at the coolest place to eat in Paris. During this tour, your will have your first stop at Benoit, the French bistro-style eatery under the watchful eyes of incredible chef Alain Ducasse.

Get hold of signature dishes combined with French wine only for you, making you feel like a genuine Parisian in the tasteful layout of the bistro. Proceed for your next 2 sequences at Le Violon d'Ingres and take your time to enjoy a dessert and a main dish at the famous Chef Christian Constant eatery! After that, it's on to the Ritz Hotel with 2 star Chef who will serve you your preferred dessert.

Tour Highlights

  • Transportation by Uber Taxi.
  • A glass of water and wine at Benoit.
  • Four servings at 3-Michelin star bistros.


Practicality, few things educate you about the way of life of some people and their foods around the world. They might not even be seen in a book until you set out to find out yourself. However, with the above-mentioned recommendations of private food tours, you may end up leaving Paris with something other than the memories of its classic landmarks and fascinating language, yet with a profound, lingering gratitude for its bold, rich flavors.

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