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Daydreaming about attending Professional Pastry courses in Paris?

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Are you interested in attending a pastry course in Paris? Whether you want to add to your home cooking skill set or open your own shop, taking baking and pastry classes in Paris are a good idea. You’ll discover the fundamentals and trade secrets from masters of the culinary arts. From tarts and macarons to baguettes and croissants, the hands-on instruction is just what you need to conquer these delicate doughs, creams, fillings, icings, and so on.

There are traditional institutes as well as baking classes taught by prestigious chefs to choose from. You can dedicate a few hours, a whole day, or several months to your education. The cost is anywhere between $100 for workshops to $30,000 for certification. If you are serious about pursuing a career in this specialty, most offer 3 month internships in affiliated restaurants, hotels and patisseries after your training. Here are some of the basics that you will most likely hear about during your pursuit of tasty perfection.

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School Certificates and Diplomas

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You can earn a basic, intermediate, or superior certificate or grand diploma at many culinary institutions. This is usually recommended for anyone that wishes to enter the workforce. The diploma often includes food management, operational costs, and kitchen organization according to the Brigade de cuisine as developed by Georges Auguste Escoffier.

  • 600 - 700 hours of training in the kitchen with doughs, creams, fillings, icings, breads and viennoiseries.
  • Dough techniques.
  • Decorating techniques.
  • Dessert and Beverage Pairing.
  • Guest demonstrations.
  • Applied Art.
  • Vocabulary related to gastronomy.
  • Gastronomy-related conferences, lectures, trips.
  • Internship.
  • Network.

Specialty workshops

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Perfect and fun for anyone that would like to workshops.

French Breads

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Discover how to make a Parisian Baguette from scratch, Croque Monsieur, and Brioche. From mixing the dough to forming and cutting, you will uncover the tips and techniques of the world-renowned pros.


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To make the perfect croissant requires the special “turns” that distinguish an “au beurre” from just the “ordinaire”; the tricks of the art of the fold will help you create this delicious treat. There’s a good chance you will also put some chocolate inside!


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These colorful meringue and sweet filling delicacies are a treasure of French culture. You can expect classes to include techniques using a piping bag and tested recipes.

These are just a few of the lessons that enthusiasts can take at pastry and baking workshops.

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