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Street Vendor Foods You Should Try in Paris

We all know Paris as the city of love and also for being an extremely romantic place to visit and shop. That is all true, but what you may not know is how great the street food is.

In Paname, there are delicious options you can indulge in while walking visiting the métropole. The traditional restaurants are what many tourists aim to visit when they are planning their world travel. However, the cuisine options available on the French streets are just as tasty. One reason, in particular, is, you don't have to worry about making reservations when you want to grab some quick eats with your friends and family or that special person in your life. 

street food to try in Paris

Best Foods On The Go While Walking the Streets of Paris

Whether your favorite cuisine is local or exotic, there are a few options you can try out while on your food tour itinerary so you are not just limited to dining in a restaurant. Let's go over a few, so you'll know what to keep an eye out for on your next visit. You can even find out how to buy cheese that can go perfectly with your favorite wine

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Who doesn't love a great ham sandwich? It is made of a sliced buttered baguette filled with pieces of ham. This is a classic option for lunch, in fact, over 2 million of these sandwiches are sold daily. Whether the discussion is about food tours with kids or who makes the best jambon-beurre, you can't go wrong. If you love jambon, can also check out this link for information on how to buy cured meat.


No matter how old you get, panini sandwiches are popular just about everywhere. There are so many ways to enjoy a panini sandwich, such as jambon cru-tomate-mozza, beef and onions, smoked salmon and cream, and whole lots of other tasteful combinations. You can find a meal truck to warm up your favorite panini without having to wait more than 5 minutes. 

Doner Kebab

The well-known and exotic doner kebab, familiarly called sandwich grec is a yummy hot meal that you can grab on the go. It consists of shredded meat of all sorts except pork, assorted with salad, tomato and sometimes raw onion, in a tangy white sauce that is stuffed into a pita pocket or a big wrap, usually with french fries on the side. There is no need for a fork or knife because you can eat all of it with your fingers. It fills you right up, so leave attending the gourmet walking tour for another day. 


Don't forget to indulge yourself with the most famous goûter while in Paris. This is a family favorite while sight-seing because everybody loves a good crêpe au chocolat, or confiture. Enormous thin pancakes are covered in the topping of your choice, then folded in a nice triangular shape, emanating delightful aromas. Do not eat this too late in the afternoon, because you might not be hungry enough for dinner at a nice raw food restau

Take the Time to Experience all the Great Menu Options Available

You don't need a guide to find out what Parisians love to eat sur le pouce. Plan your meals strategically so you can get a taste of it all and try the markets by day of week.

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