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5 Kitchen Tools you Need to Make Bread and Pastries

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Bread is a staple product in the cuisine for countries all over the world. Turkey currently holds the record for total average bread consumption. The average Turkish citizen consumes about 440 lbs. of bread each year. Since bread is such a commonly requested food, learning how to make it by yourself is a great skill to have.

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French Bread and Pastries: A Global Treasure

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France is a place that is widely acclaimed for its diverse cuisine. Some legends say that Napoleon was the first to ask for baguettes to come in a long shape so that his soldiers could keep them in their pockets easily. Learning how to bake bread and pastries the French way is something that people from all around the world choose to do every year.

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Tools for Bread and Pastries

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First things first, it’s important to make sure that you have all the tools and utensils that a professional baker would use. You might not even need to buy anything. Here is the bare minimum you should have for baking bread and pastries before you whip the pans and kitchen utensils out.

1. Mixing Bowl

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This is one of the most basic necessities that anybody should have if they want to make bread. To mix your dough together, you need a special bowl or tub for doing this.

2. Measuring Scale

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Quality cuisine requires the right amount of ingredients. Bread and pastries are especially this way. Imagine the great taste that comes with having the perfect amount of each add-in so that your recipes come out perfect each time.

3. Bench Knife

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A bench knife is a dull knife which is shaped like a rectangle. They are used for a wide array of tasks in making bread and pastries. This includes spreading butter, portioning out the mixture, leveling it out, and so on. There is an endless number of techniques you can discover with this tool around.

4. Bowl Scraper

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Anybody who has tried to scoop out the thick and creamy mixture from a bowl knows how difficult this can be. Although you don’t necessarily need this item, having a bowl scraper around is nice to cut back on your preparation time.

5. Thermometer

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Few things are worse than pulling out bread, cake, cookies, or pastries from the oven only to realize that the core is still raw. As a result, this is where having a thermometer comes in handy. With a thermometer, you will quickly gauge how much time your creation needs before it is ready to cut up and serve.

Learn New Recipes and Techniques

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Making quality bread and pastries are something that many people want to learn how to do. With the right equipment, you can try out new recipes and make your own bread and pastries at home.

Sadly, not everyone is aware of the many great practices which go into quality French cuisine. Some of the best techniques and professional critiques can be learned right here in Paris, France. Make sure to check out our classes and learn some professional recipes.

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