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What are the Five Famous Wine Regions in France

When it comes to world-class wines, people usually think of Paris and other wine areas in the country. It offers the oldest, the best and expensive wines in its many wine areas. There is a lot that people can get besides the best wines. People can get their favorite food in this place. Most people love the wines and meals that they start attending baking and pastry classes in Paris to learn how to cook. These classes will help the learner know everything that they will find in a patisserie.

Spirits and wines of some sort are produced almost everywhere in the country. There are popular areas, each known for its incredible quality of white wines, red wines, spirits, fortified wines and sparkling wines. Which of these areas is more popular than others? Here are the five best French wine areas.

what are the five famous wine regions in france


The location of this place on the Gironde estuary has made it popular since it gives easy access to the Atlantic. Exportation to Belgium, Britain, and Netherlands was easy. Most vineyards are situated around the city along Garonne and Dordogne Rivers. They cover more than 100 square Km of land.

Wine from here is dark red. The Left Bank wines are Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Merlot. When they age, smoke, tobacco leaf, tar, leather, truffle and earthier flavors and aromas replace fruit flavors.

The Right Bank wines are Merlot-based. They have heavier flavors and fruit scents with the taste of vanilla, cassis, plum and dark cherry.


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It stretches from Auxerre and Chablis in the North to Beaujolais and Macon in the south. The most expensive wines come from Cote de Beaune and Cote de Nuits. The rich, flavorsome whites are made from Chardonnay while the delicate, ethereal red is from Pinot Noir.

Winemaking in this place started in the 1300s, and it started with the monks. The word "Burgundian" has been used to mean the high-quality taste of wines and excellent wine area.


When people think of wine from this area, they immediately picture sparkling white and rose wines ideal for celebrations. Well, that's correct no other place produces it apart from this place. The rest are sparkling wines.

There are strict practices in place, and they must be followed. These restrictions and rules have made this area very popular.

The best wines in this region are made with Pinot Meunier, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Noir grapes.

Loire Valley

A few quantity of high-quality wines is produced in this place. Loire Valley is known for its pale reds and whites. However, sparkling, white and rose wines are made from here as well.

This valley is special because it is the second largest sparkling wine producer. Loire Valley produces Sauvignon Blanc, and it is famous for its herbal flavors. It also produces Chenin Blanc, which is highly versatile and has flavors that range from dry to sparkling to sweet.

Winemaking in Loire Valley started in the 1st Century B.C. The region has a continental climate which boosts the growth and ripening of grape.


Alsace produces fantastic white wines which are equivalent to German Rieslings. Gewurtztraminer and Sylvaner do well on the steep hillsides in this area. The wines from here are fully fermented and are a little drier when compared to the German counterparts.

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