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The Most Popular Foods in Paris

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Paris is known worldwide for much more than just the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower. Outside of the wonderful culture and beautiful language of the locals, there are also some incredible cuisines for you to try. Many tourists will start with the Paris gourmet foods walking tour so that they can get a snapshot of what the cuisine looks like.

what are the most popular foods in Paris

Experience it for Yourself

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There are many tours with kids if you have some budding grub connoisseurs joining you on your trip. However, this is just a snapshot of the many popular options that are available. Chocolate, for example, is something that everyone will love. 

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3 Popular French Delicacies

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Although there are countless dishes, local specialties, and other delicacies you should try, there are three categories of cuisines that really stand out. Here are some of the best options to explore.

1. French Cheeses

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When you enter a shop full of countless different French cheeses for the first time, you will likely be overwhelmed by all of the tasty looking options. There are countless types of products to try. As a result, you will likely need to prioritize your options so that you don’t spend your entire travel budget solely on one delicacy. After all, you probably want to purchase some high-quality French wine

If you want to try a product once dubbed by the Congress of Vienna as the “king of cheeses", try some Brie de Meaux. Langres is really great for dipping with baguettes. People who like it extra stinky should try some A.O.C. Livarot. For more information on purchasing this French product as a tourist, check out a guide on how to buy cheese.

2. Cured Meats

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One type of meat definitely worth trying in France is the many different types of cured meat. Known to the locals as charcuterie, there are many types of cured meat cuisines that are unlike what you find anywhere else in the world. Some pâté is a great option for adventurous eaters willing to try sausage cooked in a mold.

Fans of salami will definitely need to try eating some saucisson. Another great option is to make a sandwich for lunch with some jambon (cured ham) and spend a day exploring the Parc de Belleville to eat some great local cured meat while looking at the city. For more information on purchasing charcuterie during your visit, here is a more detailed guide on how to buy cured meat.

3. Raw Foods

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Don't let the name fool you here, raw foods are incredible! Raw foods are also a delicacy that everybody needs to try at least once in their lifetime. One of the most famous French raw meals is steak tartare. This dish is made from raw ground beef or horse and is served with various seasonings.

"Raw" doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be made with meat. There are also raw foods which contain seafood, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and much more. Usually, a raw restaurant will have plenty of options for you to explore. Here are some excellent raw food restaurants in France.

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