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What Can I Use Instead of Baking Beans to Cook a Pastry?

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If you're striving to make the perfect crust, you might be considering using these helpful items to achieve this.

However, these items can be very tricky to use and one wrong step can be disastrous. If you're looking for alternatives to use, you can discover in a culinary class that there are plenty of choices available. This article will highlight some of these helpful culinary tools you can use and how they can help your creation turn out well.

Keep reading to discover what they are and useful tips you can use to make sure they help your recipe not only be aesthetically pleasing, but taste delicious. 

what can i use instead of baking beans to cook pastry

What are These?

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These items are special culinary tools usually made out of ceramic and metal that act as a weight to help prevent your crust from burning or becoming soggy due to ingredients in a filling or the butter in the crust. When you blind bake with them, you'll need to put a piece of parchment paper over the crust in a pan so that the dough is covered and then pour a handful of these items into the center of the pan on top of the parchment piece. This will help to keep the crust firm and they can later be removed after the crust has been pre-cooked.

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The Pros/Cons of Using Them

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These culinary cooking weights work well which makes them ideal to use. However, these weights can be a little expensive and sometimes need to be replaced which can make using them pricey. 


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If you're looking for alternatives to use instead of these items with your food, you have a few other options. Below are some of the top choices to consider.  

  • Rice

A large bag of rice is often inexpensive to invest in and can easily fill in a large pie crust area without problems. 

  • Chickpeas 

These medium-size pieces can cover a relatively large area with just a handful of them. 

  • Lentils

Lentils are a colorful option and can easily be poured into the pie crust as a weight to keep the crust firm. These tend to be very small though so you're going to need a lot of them to fill a pie crust area well. 

  • Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn kernels are inexpensive and can fit a wide space. Keep a close eye on them though because some might pop when in the oven. 

These options are much more inexpensive compared to ceramic or metal ones. However, it's best to not re-use the items once they've been baked as they can crumble and make a mess. 

Baking beans aren't your only option when it comes to using pie weights to make the perfect crust. The alternatives above are great things to use to ensure your crust turns out well and complements your culinary creation. 

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