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Finding the Baguettes in Paris

There is no excuse for visiting Paris without eating this classic recipe. This is one of the most classic recipes in the French tradition and for good reason. Sure, baguettes are just bread, but there are so many renditions and potential uses for them that remain as one of the most popular local additions to any meal of the day.

Many people want to learn how to bake your own baguettes and take the recipe home back with you. Doing this requires you to learn more details about baguettes in general. It's also important to know how to find the best deals on some savory baguettes while visiting Paris. Below we will break down all of these topics so that you can make more informed decisions while in the city

baguettes in Paris

Learn How to Make Baguettes

If you are new to what makes French cuisine so special, you can discover more information about some of the traditional food here. When you travel to Paris for a short period, you can also plan to take a French bread class. The people who travel to France and would rue not taking some recipes back home with them should consider taking a class. 

Learn How to Make French Pastries

Many people also learn to love pastries after they discover all the sweet taste and aromas of the many breakfast and dessert pastries they have on the streets of Paris. If you are new to pastries, here is what you find in French pastries.

Those interested in learning some recipes can also take a baking class, or a macarons class while in Paris. Since there are so many different pastries, knowing which ones you want to learn the most will help save you some time when visiting the country. 

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What Are Baguettes Anyway?

Baguettes are a food product made from dough which is extremely popular on the streets of Paris. They are an old recipe available in any given Parisian bakery and can be used for many different recipes. They are perhaps just as popular today in the world as they have ever been. A professional baker is easily able to create each savory batch using the perfect amount of each ingredient.

If you come to France and would like to learn more about how to know if you are eating this classic product, it is important to first know what this product is. Thankfully, you can easily understand what separates the great baguettes from the worst. You will rue traveling here without trying out this classic recipe.

Long & Narrow Bread Made from Dough

For starters, a baguette must use dough that meets strict requirements. This helps keep each bakery in the tradition and to maintain a quality product. Typically, a French boulangerie will carry many different fresh and older baguettes in stock. Nothing beats the wonderful smell of a batch of baguettes straight from the oven. 

A professional baguette will be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They can be stored for a few days, and are easy to heat up in the oven if you want the fresh taste. High-quality baguettes are in such of an abundance here that they are very affordable to buy fresh. 

Are Used With Many Different Recipes

Often times, baguettes can be used for any meal of the day. You can eat a very simple breakfast with baguettes and dip them into your coffee or hot beverage, or use them for lunch and dinner in one of the countless cuisines here. It is easy to find a shop or boulangerie anywhere in Paris which carries baguettes for you to take out. 

They Date Back Hundreds of Years

Although it isn't entirely clear exactly when the classic shape and design of this classic product was first created, it has been at least since the mid-1600s to the early 1700s. Back in the days of King Louis XIV. However, the recipe has changed since then, so King Louis XIV would probably not entirely recognize a baguette's shape and taste if he were still alive. 

Many legends connect Napoleon himself with the widespread consumption of baguettes to modern times. To help his soldiers in battle, he ordered to have long thin pieces of bread made so that they could easily be held in the pants of his army. Since then, they have begun a popular boulangerie option. 

Finding the Best Baguettes in Paris: Basic Information

There are countless places that you can find this all times classic in Paris, this is why it can be difficult to spot out which one is authentic, and which ones aren't. Here are a few tips which you should keep in mind when you travel there and sample the countless bakeries you will come across. 

Tip #1: Try as Many Bakeries as Possible

Usually, many people will stick to the larger stores which have the most positive feedback. Although this can be a good general rule of thumb, you might also indulge in the homemade taste of a baguette or two from a local mom and pop boulangerie as well. Make sure that you try many different bakeries or you may rue your decision when you go home. 

Tip #2: Ask if They Meet the Requirements

In Paris, they take baguettes so seriously that anybody who chooses to enter a competition for baguettes is required to meet strict requirements. Since only the smallest difference can create a difference in the taste or quality of the product, many people are dismissed before even competing. For your reference, the requirements are that the products are 55cm to 65 long and that they must be between 250g to 300g

Tip #3: Sample Them for Free

Many different restaurants and bistros there will allow you to have unlimited baguettes with your meal. If you want to dine out during your time there, you will still be able to try one of the most treasured products without spending too much time shopping in bakeries. This is a great way to personally experience why the French eat them with so many different dishes

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