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What Cream Cheese to Use for Baking? 

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Many baking recipes call for cream cheese, but with the vast amount available it can be difficult to find one that's perfect to use. Is there a certain texture or flavor that's the best? Does this ingredient really make a difference to a recipe? 

This might seem like a simple ingredient, but it's actually quite more intricate than it looks. If you're wondering what kind you need to use with your specific recipe, keep reading. You'll find some helpful information below as to how you can improve your food by paying close attention to the type you choose for your recipes. 

what cream cheese to use for baking

What is Cream Cheese?

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This is a very soft type that's made from unskimmed milk and cream. It contains a little bit of fat in it and is an unaged cheese so it doesn't go bad quickly. It comes in a variety of flavors and textures and it quite easy to spread and whip up thanks to its smoothness. 

Types to Use

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plenty of selections to choose from which can be both a good and bad thing. One of the most popular types is Philadelphia and is usually a trustworthy brand for this product. However, if you don't want to use a brand name, you can shop locally or even make your own. Making it yourself can be rewarding but it's a very intricate and time-consuming process. There's also Neufchatel, another French brand that's quite similar to this type of American cheese except it's skimmed so there's no cream in it. It also has a slightly different flavor. 

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Baking Ideas

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There are plenty of baking dishes you can make with this fromage à la crème. Better yet, just a cup of it can often take the place of rich butter cooking classes tend to use it because it's so easy and delicious. Some things you can make with it are:

  • Pie Crusts
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Cheesecake
  • Frosting for Cake
  • Brownies.
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Fruit Bars

If you'd like to learn more about how to make sweet goods like this, a cooking class is ideal to sign up for. You'll learn plenty of tips and techniques as to how you can use this and other ingredients in them. 

Tips When You Bake

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When searching for the best type to use you'll come across two options: a brick and tub container. While it might not seem like there's much of a difference between the two, there is. A tub container is filled with extremely soft cream cheese which isn't as pure as the one in a brick. When it comes to baking, a brick is ideal because it's tougher but can add a softer texture to your baked goods. 

While it's soft, you sometimes want to have it sit out and warm up to room temperature, especially if you're making a frosting for cake. Softening can also help to quicken up the baking speed. 

Baking with this ingredient is not only easy to do but can add a mouthwatering flavor to your baked goods. While there are some techniques to create a fluffy frosting for a cake and delectable cheesecakes with it, it's a simple ingredient that will make your baked dishes stand out. If you'd like to learn more helpful baking tips a culinary class is always a great place to start.

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