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Popular Breakfast Food in France

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Anybody who wants to switch things up for breakfast should try eating like the French. Whether you want to visit France, or are interested in some traditional food in France should experience a high-quality French breakfast.

Since making many breakfast options in France require that you know a thing or two about baking and working with bread, many tourists who visit France will definitely be interested in taking baking and pastry classes in Paris so that they can take a piece of the wonderful cuisine here back home. 

what food do they eat in france for breakfast

Basic Difference Between a French Breakfast and an American Breakfast

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American breakfasts are typically filled with greasy and fatty food products such as pancakes with plenty of maple syrup, bacon, eggs, and so on. The main difference between a French breakfast and an American breakfast is the fact that it never comes with meat in France. The body's protein needs will typically be taken care of during the afternoon and evening meals.

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A Typical Breakfast in France

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Since many people like trying new things and different methods of dining, learning how to eat the French way can provide insight into how another culture lives. After all, the best way to understand a culture is to experience it for yourself. Here are some of the most popular products that locals will choose to eat in France.

Baked Goods

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This is one of the best places in the world for baked goods. There are many different recipes that can be made using bread. You might eat a croissant, some pain aux raisins, palmier, baguettes, or any of the many other varieties. Most likely, a typical morning meal will come with some sort of baked delicacy. One of our favorites is the pain au chocolat.

Since there are many different pastries and baked goods to choose from, this is probably what you will eat to most. In fact, you will probably opt to eat baguettes and pastries as part of your lunch or dinner as well. Just remember to take it easy on the ones that contain high levels of sugar.

Jam & Other Add-Ons

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Although you might also use cheese, jam and butter are two common mix-ins for baguettes and other baked goods. Depending on what type of main dish you have, these things may or may not be added on top. If you are having a baguette, you will definitely choose to add one of these toppings. However, if you choose to eat a pastry with plenty of sugar sweetening you might choose not to put either of these things on top.


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Although fruit may not be the dominant ingredient for any meal in France, it can be added to your plate to add some extra flavor. It is always a wise choice to eat some fruit, even if it is just a few slices of apple, pear, orange, and so on. Fruits are also very easy to take on the go, making them a popular option for commuters.

Fruit is part of a healthy diet and will be normally found in all meals in some form or another. It can be baked into pastries, added into yogurt, or squeezed into juice. The only thing to keep in mind is that you won't find an abundance of tropical fruits in France for an affordable price due to their location and climate.


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Yogurt is the closest thing you can get to serving ice cream for without getting too unhealthy. Yogurt can come in many different flavors, making it a great morning meal no matter what you feel like munching on. It can replace the sweet taste of pastries and fruit. If you want something a little crunchier, try topping your yogurt with some oats or granola.


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This is one area where France and the Americans really get along. In France, you will be able to find all of the famous Kellogg's cereal options. In fact, Kellogg's and Nestlé are the two most popular brands of cereal in France. If you get sick of pastries, you should switch things up and eat some cereal. 

Cereal is one of the most consistently good morning meals since it comes with milk (which hydrates the body) and the cereal itself. It is a great way to get hydrated and fed at the same time. Although it can get a tad old to eat cereal every day, especially if you are already used to consuming the same old Kellogg's brands since you were a child.


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Coffee is popular all over the globe, and especially in France. Since coffee helps you wake up in the morning and get moving, many choose to drink it as a booster in the morning. Just don't drink too much or your energy will crash later on in the afternoon. One technique you should try is to get a croissant and dip it into your mug for a unique experience. 

There are many wonderful recipes to explore in France. Some of the best options are the noisette, café crème, or a café au lait. If you want something a little more familiar, be sure to try a café Américain. In any case, remember that the point is to sit, relax, and enjoy your coffee. In France, cafés are built to be relaxed in, and not a place where you spend 5 minutes at.

Tea, Milk, Juice, and/or Hot Chocolate

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Getting hydrated in the morning is important. If you choose to drink a caffeinated beverage, it is important that you balance it out with some juice, milk, or another similar drink. If you like drinking tea, you will be in good company in France. However, tea in France should not be compared to British tea.

Although a nice cup of hot cocoa might not be an extremely typical thing to drink in the morning in Paris, it is a great idea if you brought kids with you to a café. If you don't want to have a hot beverage, you might instead choose to have a cold glass of orange juice or milk.

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