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Delicious and Tasty Pastries made in France

Visiting the “City of Love,” and want to indulge in the sweet fantasy of flaky, layered, goodness that can only be called pastries from Paris?

There are several patisseries ready to serve up the best treat you’ve ever tasted. When planning a trip or want to take the day and travel around the town to try some of the best sweets in town, you will need an itinerary because there are a ton of shops on every block, each with sweets. Of course, you can always join in a croissant class in Paris and learn to make some of these yourself.

But if you want to test your palate’s ability to find the best pastry to buy in Paris, then follow these top 11 suggested patisseries which are selling only the best in France.

  1. Ladurée

How can one speak of the best and not mention the renowned Ladurée? Decadent pastel-colored macarons that are unremarkably the best ever. Each meringue cookie perfect sculpted, providing an airy texture offers hints of gently folded almond flour and egg whites. There are several locations, but for a nice scenic walkabout after your visit, then the one on the corner of Rue Bonaparte & Jacob near the Champs-Elysées terrace. If you are looking for something special under seven bucks, then try their amazing Saint-Honoré Vanille, made with Vanilla, caramel, cabbage, and creamy whipped cream. Yum!

  1. Odette

Want to enjoy a delicious cream puff? What about one of the best in Paris? If you're hunting for the best flaky pastry and it has led you anywhere, then it will have led you to Odette, a small treats store located down the cobbled-stone street of Rue Galande, in the Latin quarter. Here you will find their renowned choux à la crème, which is only the best cream puff ever! Also, you can grab a box of 12 of your favorite puffs just under $25. Not bad for a takeaway gift, huh?

  1. Pierre Hermé

We make our way back to the Rue Bonaparte, where we travel to Pierre Hermé. While Pierre is mainly known for their incredibly irresistible macarons, do not let them fool you because they have several sweets that will blow you away. You can find some traditional food in France, but mainly elegant treats fill this store. Like their Éclair Infiniment Chocolat consisting of the optimal amount of crème, chocolate, and fluffy perfection for just $9. If you haven’t started to drool yet, just wait, we’re only getting started.

  1. Sadaharu Aoki

Looking for some unique and interestingly creative sweets? How about a cultural clash of French artistry and Japanese creativity placed into a tasty pastry? As soon as you walk in, there they are, staring at you. Rows and rows of mind-blowing food art situated behind display counters where the professional treat makers of Sadaharu Aoki at the Boulevard de Port-Royal location sit and wait to greet you with a smile and a suggested treat, happily. Some of their sweets are only able to be enjoyed during certain seasons, but when it’s offseason, it is still pretty easy to find something great tasting here. If available when you visit, give their Bamboo dessert a try. Watch out because it does contain a little amount of green tea punch which has alcohol, along with Joconde biscuit, green tea cream, and dark chocolate ganache.

  1. Blé Sucré

On the outside of 7 rue Antoine Vollon stands an ordinary building with nothing special that grabs the attention. Inside, however, lies the deceptively delectable secret that is Blé Sucré, known for creating some of the most eye-catching bread, sweets, and of course, you can find one heck of a pastry here too! Reasonably priced to be extremely affordable on nearly any budget, visiting Paris and not checking out Blé Sucré would be a crime.

  1. Pain Pain

Venturing further into Paris, we find ourselves walking down rue des Martyrs, where a bold blue storefront stands with the name Pain Pain printed across the top and on the front window. From the name, you may not know that they serve some of the best sweets in the city, but they do! From lovely cocoa-infused croissants to an array of baguettes and other delectable sweets just ripe for the eating. Try their well-known pistachio-chocolate roll for the ultimate combination of godly ingredients that send your taste buds on a roller-coaster of pure bliss. Can you resist the PainPain?

  1. La Pâtisserie des Rêves

Traveling to this next place may require a macarons class in Paris or one of many baking classes Paris offers in order to truly understand the exquisite flavor profiles developed inside the walls of La Pâtisserie des Rêves. Glass domes elegantly cover multiple sweets, some with cocoa and some without. From Pain au Chocolat to Duja Shortbread Biscuits, you'll find here supreme baked treats that will literally send you overboard. If you are looking for a something more than your average treat, you’ll find it here for sure. It really doesn’t matter which Paris location you go to, but if you need a little help the one on Rue du Bac is a pretty outstanding one to visit.

  1. Café Pouchkine

This patisserie is nestled inside Printemps, the department store, making a sugar run during your shopping trip that much easier. The master chef manning the kitchen here provides incredible presentation of carefully crafted treats. You can find some great sweets here, certainly any experienced gourmand will enjoy their signature pastry, the Pouchkinette, a light dish coated with a blanket of colored sugar matching the filling, which can be one of ten flavors. Which one is your favorite? It’s exactly what you would find in a French pastry shop.

  1. Carl Marletti

Absolutely nothing say scrumptious like a signature treat from Carl Marletti. His decked out artsy sugar-filled store can be found on rue Censier, where you can choose from several amazing dishes, all bursting with flavors of fruits, nuts, and a combination of other sugary goodness like caramel, crème, and chocolate. Do you really want to know what is so special about French cuisine? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The level of care and the attention to detail is more than admirable, its mesmeric. Stop by Carl’s store and taste Paris.

  1. Yann Couvreur Pâtisserie

One the quest for the best, another stop has to be in one of the three parisian establishments (Galleries Lafayette, Parmentier and Rosiers) of the artisan at heart Yann Couvreur. Mastering multiple styles of culinary expertise in the desserts department, you’ll find amazing éclairs, great tarty meringue, and the incredible awarded dessert Millefeuille à la Vanille des Comores that will have you travelling across the world to come back for more.

  1. Angelina

From the moment you walk into Angelina’s store, your mouth will be a nonstop faucet, dripping and drooling from the wall-to-wall lined white room, filled with some of the most delectable treats in town. With too many options to name, one of their famous classic pastries is called the Mont-Blanc, a meringue, light Chantilly, and vermicelli with chestnut crème delight that can only be described as divine. If you are looking for the best around, then you certainly can’t make the best decision without giving Angelina’s a whirl.

Why are French Foods so Magnificent?

The yummy sweets, oh, the yummy treats. Aren’t they magnificent? Yes, yes they are. We all love the cuisine in France, especially the sweets.

People endlessly ask, what is so special about French cuisine? And, in response to that question, first ask, “have you tried it?” If you haven’t, you are missing out on some of the most mouthwatering bites you will ever experience. You’ll probably be addicted in no time, to be honest.

Even though we have mentioned some top pâtisseries, there are still others that are well known throughout Paris; we have not talked about the great reputation of French cuisine. Believe me; it's worth looking into. It may even leave you craving French plates more than ever before. If you haven’t tried the cuisine native to Paris, specifically make it a point to travel to this magnificent country and try it first-hand. While you’re at it, visit the link above to check out why it really is so special. Once again, you won’t be disappointed.

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Classes help learn more about French foods

If French meals excite you, and you don’t want to only learn about the delectable croissants, baguettes, and macarons from Paris, instead you’d rather book a class to get into the nitty-gritty of French pastries.

You’re in Paris so Enjoy France with a Chef-taught Class

All of this talk about the tasty sweets flavored with strawberry, raspberry, almonds, etc., Traveling to a renowned shop known in Paris should be topping your list.

Before you visit a shop, try a baking class concentrated on pastries to fully get a clear understanding of what it means to be a sugary delicacy. Head over to one of many baking classes Paris offers, and learn the basics of baking each of the sweets you’ve seen while window shopping. With the professionals teaching you, you’ll get the hang of the recipes in no time. And, you’ll be able to take home all the creative ways to make each dessert savory. They’ll probably let you have a sample, or two, while the class is going on, too!

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