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Paris’ Top Spots for Vegetarian Foods

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With an incredible level of quality and a wide range of options on offer, the culinary scene of Paris is a blessing from heaven for dedicated foodies, unless you are a vegetarian, of course.

France generally is a place known for its excessive love for meat, so you should understand if your vegetarianism assertion is seldom met with discombobulation.

But if you are a veggie and you want to travel to the French capital city, you are in luck, as we have discovered some thriving veggie restaurants that we will share with you below.

where to eat vegetarian food in Paris

Le Templier De Montmartre

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They say don’t judge a book by its cover and the saying has never been more relevant. This little café looks like an unremarkable, average quality restaurant on the outside, but don’t get fooled. Managed by a pair with a keen interest in culinary, you will find a variety of enjoyable and creative vegan platters on offer here. Take your time to check out their vegan dish, which comes with home-made olive tapenade, quinoa salad, and vegetable rolls; the "salade Montmartre", which is finished with an exceptionally yummy vegetable quiche.

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42 Degrés

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This exceptionally stylish restaurant focuses on raw food. While changes are made on the menu every day, you can rest assured to find delicious variations on pasta, or lasagne dishes made with légume salads, and fascinating stuffings and sauces. However, due to its minimalistic decorations, this eatery is only suitable for lunch with pals, and not the ideal spot for a romantic dinner. Situated in a lively zone with plenty of youthful professionals, this bistro fills up rapidly at noon, so consider making a stop here somewhat early or late. Likewise, remember to bring money as credit cards aren’t collected here.

Udon Jubey

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Sainte-Anne is renowned for its extensive varieties of Asian food shops and eateries, so it’s not surprising that Udon Jubey is located there. This stylish eatery is one of the somewhat fancier alternatives, and while it is not entirely a vegan eatery, they offer a mesmerizing veggie friendly platter: the flavorful udon bowl with tofu. Moreover, you should check out the different varieties of mushroom tempura and vegetable on offer here.

Café Pinson

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With a fresh and contemporary model, this establishment consolidates healthy living and creative design. This café is found in Le Marais, one of the most prominent and stylish neighborhoods in Paris. The fantastic eatery offers platters made of cereals, seeds, and vegetables. In order to guarantee freshness and quality, their menu is changed regularly, which makes it easy for clients to return and check new recipes. If you would like to try some dessert, ensure you don’t miss out on their tasty sweet treats to go with some top quality wine.


With a wide variety of fascinating cuisine and exotic wine on offer, Paris is a metropolis known all over the world for its rich culinary culture. However, Parisians are somewhat obsessed with meat, which means vegans won’t find a lot of joy there. But if you are a Leonardo da Vinci or an Albert Einstein (popular vegetarians), you will find our recommendations a lot useful.

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