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Where to Find the Best Cheese in Paris, France: Helpful Tips

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Paris is known worldwide for being home to many different types of cheeses.

You'll find plenty of fromageries when you travel around the city selling various selections which can make searching for the best cheese in Paris a little difficult. Shopping for this product here is almost like wine shopping, you have to pay close attention to the make, texture, and color of this dairy product. So, where exactly can you find the best? What are the top stops to make in this city?

Below you'll find some helpful tips as to how you can find the best cheese in this city during a day trip for your meals or wine tasting

where to find the best cheese in Paris

Consider the Type of Meal You're Hosting

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Not all selections of this dairy product are the same and it's important to consider the type of meal you plan to host. For instance, if you plan to host a wine tasting you'll want to look at getting selections that are ideal for a platter, like Gouda and aged Cheddar. However, if you plan to use this dairy product in a dish like a quiche, you'll want to look at options like Swiss or Feta. 

The Top Fromageries

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You'll find hundreds of fromageries scattered around Paris. Below are some of the top ones to consider buying this delicious item from. 

  • La Fromagerie de Paris
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This store offers a wide selection of artisan options like Comté from the Loire Valley and Brie. Besides these, you'll also find they have a seasonal selection and many rare options found in only a select few places in the world, like Ginestarie which is an organic goat cheese molded into a brick. 

  • Fromagerie Laurent Dubois

At this fromagerie in Saint-Germain, you'll find walls lined with shelves that are covered with various types of cheeses here. They offer samples of their selections and have numerous types you can choose from like Blue Nile, County Vintage, Livarot, and Brie. The workers here are also well-versed in wine and cheese pairings so if you have questions about that, this might be a good stop to consider making. 

  • Chez Virginie

This small fromagerie is a family-run establishment on Rue Damrémont and is known for being very through with its cheesemaking and selections. They offer ones made from milk and cream around France and often age them in the store in special curing cellars. Some great selections to try here with your food are Parmesan and Beaufort. 

  • Barthélemy

Situated on Rue de Grenelle, this store offers many traditional French options like Brie. It's well-organized and you'll be able to easily find various selections of this product. Barthélemy specializes in goat cheese selections. 

  • Beillevaire

This fromagerie is home to many incredible selections made from local ingredients. You'll find Blue d'Auvergne, made in Puy de Dôme, and Cap Gris Nez, an orange-colored option that has a soft taste. There are many platters here you can buy and they even have a special factory you can visit to learn more about the selections offered and how they're made. Better yet, if you're planning to host a tasting, this shop will be able to help show you the best cheese for the wines you plan to have. 

These are some of the top shops to consider stopping by to find the best cheese in Paris. When you travel to them, you'll be able to discover delicious cheeses for your meals or wine tastings that can help the dish or event to instantly stand out. 

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