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Paris’ Best Grocery and Delicacies Stores

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The debate about eating in and eating out has been a deep-rooted matter for a while around the world and Paris too is very much involved in this matter. Lots of restaurants are first class, with bills to match. Preparing your own meal if you are lucky enough to have a kitchen to do it or even going outside for picnics will spare you a lot of euros. In any case, visit a restaurant, you can do it too. Here are few tips to remember whenever you are ready to explore:

where to shop for food in Paris

Buy Local and Fresh

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Most neighborhoods have outdoor and indoor markets that you can visit and are ideal to sample fresh and local goods. Beware though, you'll be tempted to taste almost everything. Keep in mind your initial shopping list, but also that we only live once, aren't we? Some of the most famous markets are:

  • Marché couvert Saint Didier in the 16th arrondissement.
  • Port Royal, a big organic outdoor market.
  • Maubert, located right next to the Notre Dame cathedral, so convenient.

Superstores and food chain stores

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Read more about our Paris Food Tours here

Best superstores around are:

  • Franprix

Franprix is the best option if you find yourself on a low budget. They have not less than one outlet in almost every place in the city. Franprix offers frozen selections, general grocery needs, and decent products. Many of their outlets are even open on Sundays! They are without a doubt, the most popular supermarket around.

  • Monoprix

For people with fancy tastes, Monoprix is generally a good answer. Similar to Target in the United States, the supermarket also doubles as an incredible grocery shop with economical Monoprix brand products. Each arrondissement has at least one big Monoprix shop alongside the smaller shops, known as Daily Monop’, for a nippy can of beans or sandwich.

Chain stores

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Without much ado, the best chain shop around is Picard. Although not the cheapest place to shop, it does offer an impressive variety of frozen foods. Considering the great quality, you can buy almost anything frozen at affordable prices.

Delicacies artisanal stores

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Stores in this category are:

  • Epiceries fines (deli stores), like La Grande Epicerie de Paris, that you can find behind the Bon Marché famous fashion store.
  • Traiteurs (caterers), such as Fauchon, an emblematic store, Place de la Madeleine.
  • Cavistes (wine stores), if you happen to be in the Invalides area, one original address is Ampelos.
  • Fromageries (cheese stores), such as Quatrehomme, situated in Rue de Sèvres, here the cheeses pile up in crafty displays.
  • Charcuteries (cured meat): Maison Vérot, for example, offer an incredible French selection in one of their two stores in the 6th and the 15th arrondissement.
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Eating on the go

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If you need to grab something quickly while you visit, these are the most convenient places :

  • Bakeries, aka boulangeries, such as Poilâne, which is an awesome option when it comes to bread. A good chain of boulangeries is Paul, a good spot to buy your sandwich anywhere, like a parisian.
  • Pastry shops: Ladurée, for example, is one of the most enchanted pâtisseries in France, if you stroll on the Champs Elysées.


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Classic cuisine is one of many classic things that France is associated with, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that grocery and other food stores in Paris are loaded with astounding choices and the above list will guide you through while you travel here.

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