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Which Regions in France Produce the Most Wine?

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France is known to produce some of the best wines available across the globe. In fact, wine enthusiasts give more regard to French liquor. They are actually better than those from Italy or the U.S.A. This is why the country is filled with lots of beverage producing regions.

Whether you are looking to have a taste of the best wines, they are available in the country. However, there is something fascinating and amazing about these producing regions of the country. The wines are unique and different, both in color and taste. Here, we take a look at some of the top wine producing regions in the country.

which region in france produces the most wine

Top  Three Wine Producing Provinces 

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1. Bordeaux

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This is unarguably the most famous wine producing region in the country. About 850 million bottles are made here annually. In addition, the province also serves as home to over 8,500 châteaux or producers. Thus, this city is famous for producing reds made of Merlot grape.

2. Bourgogne

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Popularly referred to as Burgundy in English, Bourgogne is usually considered the most land-oriented wine region in the nation. This area boasts of more than 400 kinds of fertile soils that aids growth of grapes. Here, white wines brewed using Chardonnay, while the red ones are made using Pinot Noir. Find out more on the dress code for tasting here.

3. Rhône Valley

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This province is located in the south-east part of the country. Here, over 70,000 hectares of vineyards are used for the production of about 450 million bottles of liquor annually. However, the majority of the liquor produced in this place are considered better tasting and more delicious when young. Thus, most producers do not allow them to age.

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Other Producing Areas

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4. Champagne

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For centuries, the Vin de table from this area of the country has been tasted by the majority of world’s elite. The community owes its historical prominence to its proximity to Paris. It remains one of the regions known to produce the most amount of liquor bottles annually in the country. In addition, it also served as military and trade route several decades ago.

5. Loire Valley

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Furthermore, Loire Valley is also another area renowned for the production of large quantity of liquor annually. The area has a history of excellent liquor production dated back to the first century. Also, about 30,000 hectares of land is used to cultivate fruit. Consequently, they are used to produce over 400 million bottles of vin de table each year.

6. Provence

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What’s more, Provence is also notable within the country for producing rich reds and Rosé in large quantity. This beautiful village is well known for the exquisiteness through which the liquor is mixed, blended, and made. The Rosé variety is often made using Mourvedre, Cinsault, and Grenache.


There you have it! The above are some of the top regions that produce the most wine in France. In case you will like to invest in a vineyard property, these are just the perfect places for you. Also, the areas you can buy reds in Paris. Nevertheless, on your next visit to the country, if you are looking to indulge, make sure you visit the areas mentioned above.

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