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Whare are the Best Local Foods in Paris

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Whether it be from the market or the restaurant, there are many wonderful cuisines in Paris for you to explore. If you need a guide to the best products in the bistro or the street vendors, this should serve as an excellent resource to assist you. Anybody who decides to travel there should be prepared to satisfy their taste buds to the fullest extent possible. 

best local french food in Paris

Experience it All

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First things first, the best way to experience the best of French food in a short amount of time (such as a day or so) is to take a gourmet food walking tour. When you do an event like this, you will best be able to prioritize the options presented below and try them all efficiently.

Since the many varieties of cuisines in this country can be overwhelming to a foreigner, it's important to research this topic in advance.

Local Food Tours

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Here is a sample itinerary which will show you some of the places you will go and the types of food you will experience on a walking tour. This way you can experience the best bistro, cafe, and street vendors hand-picked by a native French person who also speaks your language. 

Those with children can still take your kids on a French foods tour. These are designed to be accommodating for your youngins and show them a great time. This is a great option to see the rest of French culture once you have had enough of the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and so on.  

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Top Market Products in Ile-de-France

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For starters, it is best to first learn where to shop for food before you will be able to find many of the products mentioned below. Regardless, these are all great items which help you to better understand the French culture of quality cuisine.


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Here is a sample of the many quality produce products that you can find locally. Although there are several products mentioned below, this should be used solely as a resource, and not a comprehensive list of all the different produce products you can find. After all, there are a lot. 

  • Asperge d’Argenteuil (Argenteuil Asparagus).
  • Carotte de Meaux (Meaux Carrots).
  • Cerise de Montmorency (Montmorency Cherries).
  • Champignons de Paris (Paris Mushrooms).
  • Fraises (Strawberries).
  • Navet de Croissy (Croissy Turnips).
  • Petits Pois de Clamart (Clamart Peas).
  • Pissenlit de Montmagny (Montmagny Dandelions).
  • Poire de Groslay (Groslay Pears).
  • Pomme Faro (Faro Apples).
  • Reine Claude de Chambourcy (Queen Claude of Chambourcy).


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This is a product which you could spend a lifetime trying all of the different types of. There are many different kinds of cheeses in France. Perhaps the most in the world. Since it can be a tad overwhelming to enter a store like this with hundreds of options, here is how to buy cheese in Paris. Additionally, here are some of the top options

  • Brie de Meaux.
  • Brie de Melun.
  • Brie de Montereau.
  • Brie de Nangis.
  • Coulommiers.
  • Boursault.
  • Fontainebleau.


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French meat has been known to be served either raw or cured. Cured meat, in particular, is something which may be completely new to you. For your reference, here is how to buy cured meat when you travel to the country. 

  • Boudin noir (blood sausage).
  • Jambon (ham).
  • Hure de Porc (pork).
  • Saucisson à l’Ail (garlic sausage).
  • Lapin du Gâtinais (Gâtinais Rabbit).
  • l’Agneau Grand crû Ile-de-France (Grand Cru Ile-de-France Lamb).
  • Volaille de Houdan (Houdan Poultry).


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There is nothing quite like the local desserts in Paris. In fact, you will have a hard time trying all of the different types without gaining some extra pounds. For best results, narrow down to the ones you want to try the most.

  • Savarin (rum cake).
  • Paris-Brest (a type of pastry).
  • Brioche Parisienne (Parisian Brioche).
  • Brioche des Nanterre (Nanterre Brioche).
  • Opéra (Opera Cake).
  • Saint-Honoré (St. Honore Cake).
  • Chouquette (a type of pastry).
  • Puits d’Amour (pastry filled with jelly).
  • Tarte Bourdaloue (Pear Pie).
  • Niflette (small pastries with cream).
  • Amandine (chocolate cake).
  • Pithiviers (Pithiviers Pie).
  • Crème Chantilly (Chantilly Cream).
  • Pain d’Épices de Pithiviers (Pithiviers Gingerbread).
  • Religieuses (filled chocolate pastries).
  • Financier (Almond Cake).
  • Flan Parisien (French Custard Pie).


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Many adults will definitely want to try a glass of wine and visit a bar or two while visiting the country. However, here is a selection of other alcoholic drinks which are heavily worth trying:

  • Cidre de Brie (Brie Cider).
  • Grand Marnier (orange liqueur).
  • Clacquesin (black liqueur).
  • Noyau de Poissy (apricot liqueur).

Popular Local Dishes

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There are also many famous local recipes that are best served by professional chefs in the city of Paris. However, with the right ingredients and materials, you can easily duplicate these masterpieces at home. One thing which is consistently enjoyed at many different restaurants is raw cuisine. 

Potage Saint-Germain (Saint Germain Soup)

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This is a popular soup made with peas, carrots, bacon, onions, garlic, cream, and leek. This is a popular recipe served in local restaurants.

Financiers aux Amandes (Almond Cake)

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This is an excellent rendition of almond cake which can be made with crushed almond powder, vanilla, and other add-ins. It is best when baked fresh by a professional French chef. Or, someone who knows the precise local recipe and steps. 

Le Puits d'Amour (Well of Love)

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As the name implies, this is a pastry which is designed for intimate dinners. If you find this one at a restaurant, it is best to share it with your significant other. It is typically made with vanilla and caramel with a touch of jelly and cream

Talmouse à la Béchamel et Emmental (Emmental Pastry)

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Restaurants will make this dessert with fresh Emmental cheese. It also contains eggs, milk, and flour to give it the look of a pastry when added all together. These are a tasty way to end a lunch or dinner the right way.

Hachis Parmentier Traditionnel (Traditional Pie)

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Not to be confused as a dessert, this is a pie which is similar to Shepherd's Pie. Made with potatoes, onions, garlic, ground beef, this is a wonderful dinner for the entire family. 

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