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Best Paris Restaurants to Eat French Food

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When it comes to eating traditional cuisine in Paris, France, eateries around offer a wide range of options.

There are very luxurious places where you get the best of the best but you would have to go outside your budget and there are places where best of the best are offered at quite budget-friendly prices. It all depends on the treat you want to give yourself; a touch of class and luxury or a touch of bland.

A quick guide, however, remains going through the list of Michelin-starred restaurants around when you want that taste of luxury, list of traditional cafes and other eateries where nice cuisines are available at quite affordable prices. And do you know it is quite easy to order french delicacies? Read more about it here.

best places to eat french food in Paris


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41, rue Saint-Andre-des-Arts, 75006 Paris. +33158002342

Allard is a mixture of vintage appeal with a classic representation of colors and music. It is a restaurant where nostalgia hits you and the warmness of Paris entices you the more that you begin to see the beauty of the whole of France. You cannot expect anything less from a place that is almost a century old. Almost synonymous with Allard is the famous chef Alain Ducasse who had taken over the place since 2013.

His mastery of the art of cooking makes your taste buds tickle in excitement when you try any of their starters which ranges from succulently tasty garlic frog legs, tender and well plated green bean salad, snails, escargot in herb butter, pan-fried sweetbreads to the classic Allard’s duck dish served with olives that makes the Rum savarin topped with whipped cream even more tasty to eat.

Because vintage is appreciated here does not mean modern practices such as reservation booking and credit card are not accepted and prices are not outrageous for the services obtainable here as they range 30 to 70 Euros for dinner and lunch experiences.

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80, rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris. +33143-673829

Reservation is actually key in getting into this very spacious and airy loft-like restaurant. Being under the direction of one the finest and youngest French chefs Bertrand Grebaut, one might be expecting a meal that would induce the arousing feeling of quick rapture but instead, the meal here is painstakingly perfect, dishes consisting of mainly vegetable presented in a less complicated way.

Less wouldn’t have been expected of a place that is Michelin starred and which has combined the modernity of French bistros with superbly delicious delicacies that is almost a signature in the whole of France. Emphasis must be however be laid on reservation here as it is essential to having a table. You don’t have to bother too much about the price either as they range from budget-friendly 30 to 60 Euros.

Grand Coeur

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41 rue du Temple, Paris. +33158281890.

The terrace here is heavenly and it is safe to boldly say the terrace of this restaurant is one of the best around. From the decently beautiful interior decoration to the outdoor canopy extension, you are certainly not going to experience any ventilation problem. Under the direction of the amazing chefs Mauro Colagreco and Rafael Gomes, this sexy French brasserie has been able to blend the beauty of Mediterranean-accented cuisine with a traditional classic finish that makes everyone wonder how genius these two are.

You can never go wrong with their menu, as every meal is a subtle blend of deliciousness and art, best accompanied by delicious wine. Top on their menu remains the superbly tasty blueberry tart as accompanied by an original flavored honey ice cream, oyster tartare and trust the green asparagus with Permesan pannacotta as it is one of the tastiest meal you would find on the menu. With the mixture of class and style all together in a beautiful site, Grand Coeur is no doubt a place heading to set a new wave for the twenty-first-century restaurants.

Le Chateaubriand

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129 avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris. +33143574595

Sometimes, you might want to opt for a simple dish void of the complexity most expensive eateries offer. You might want an almost home-like food with the essential spirit of a traditional meal well locked in. The amazing self-taught chef in charge of Le Chateaubriand would do so much to present you with this kind of experience coupled with stubbly waiters that are ready to put up simple shows of extreme coordination.

Just like every good eatery, this particular one needs to be reserved beforehand but you don’t need to be discouraged as reservations are often opened twenty-six days ahead. No place offers a five-course world class dinner experience more beautifully strategic the way Le Chateaubriand would offer and the price is almost astonishing at a fixed price of seventy Euros. You just don’t have to break the bank!

Bouillon Chartier

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7 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris. +33147708629

It would almost be a mistake not to mention the Bouillon Chartier as one of the best restaurants you just have to visit when you travel to Paris. This particular place is the very definition of archaic but yet romantic masterpiece when it comes to its structural design. Originally designed to be a worker’s eating hall in the early nineteenth century, Bouillon Chartier was named a historical masterpiece in 1989 and its simple tradition has always been kept ever since. The astonishing high ceiling interior and the Belle Epoque dining room no doubt makes it one of the romantic places to ever have a dinner. With a single meal, you are wheeled through a journey of centuries back, an experience people travel far and wide to feel.

With less than thirty Euros, you would enjoy simple traditional three courses that would tickle your taste buds. These meals consist of the traditional blood sausage, chestnut desserts, juicy grilled steaks and the superbly subtle escargots with butter fluffiness.

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