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Does Wine Taste Best Cold or Warm?

When discussing the proper serving temperatures for wine, it is easy to become confused. After all, this is a question where you can find varying answers depending on where you search for them. Regardless, some drinks are best slightly warm, and some need to be extra cold. 

However, as any sommelier already knows, there is a strict difference between the experience you receive with a cold drink and a warm one. The question is then when you should utilize both of these options. 

does wine taste better cold or warm

Short Answer

This depends on the type of wine. Although Champagne and whites are best served from the refrigerator, products such as dark and light reds are typically best a little warmer. The order of these types from coldest to warmest is sparkling & Champagne, whites, light reds, and then dark reds

This page will guide you through all of the information you need to know surrounding which temperature is best for each type. A great way to see how professionals chill their drinks is to experience it yourself. If you are interested in how much this will cost, you will quickly learn why there already is sort of a system here. 

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Experience the Difference for Yourself

When you attend a tasting for the first time, you will typically receive an experience, unlike one you have had before. Those who have visited Napa Valley wine country for a day or so before realize how serious (yet fun) tastings can get. 

However, the culture outside Napa Valley for this industry can be a little different. After all, if you visit a place such as France and then travel back to California, you will probably bring a few techniques from your trip back with you.

Here is an example of how a French tasting works. One aspect which is especially nice is how they strategically pair food and alcohol together. Many people come from all over the world to tour around French wineries and learn from the culture.

Optimal Temperature: Coldest to Warmest

Although it may seem picky to handpick certain ranges for different wines, these tips should just be used as a reference, and not a permanent law to abide by. While searching for where to find the best wines in Paris, plan for the time necessary to cool them down

Sparkling Wines

These need to be the coldest out of all the different varieties. For best results, pour these ones in the glass between 41 - 50° F

White Wines

Whites need to be pretty cold so that the full flavor can be brought out. Typically, these are served between 45 - 58° F

Light Reds

Since reds need to be chilled only mildly, put these in the freezer for 5 - 10 minutes to reach 54 - 63° F.  

Dark Reds

A dark red bottle doesn't need to be cooled much, or at all. These natural flavors of these bottles will taste best between 63 - 70° F.

For more information, please refer to the following pages:

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