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Local Parisian Foods: What, Where & How

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Anybody who wants to come to Europe will eventually consider spending some time in the wonderful city of Paris. It is the center of a culture whose history dates back over a thousand years, and there are many different things for visitors to try.

Here are some inevitable facts about the different foods in France. Specifically, which French cuisines to try when you travel to the country, where to try them, and how. 

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Parisian Markets Can Change Everyday

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Local markets tend to be different depending on which ones you visit, what day of the week it is, and what specifically you want to purchase. If you want to experience Parisian markets, you should start by understanding the food markets by each day of the week.

From there, you will start to get a heightened perspective on the different indoor markets, outdoor markets, where to buy organic products, and so on. Some markets sell products that others don't, which makes it important to be a little knowledgeable about the different foods before hitting the streets. One nice option for parents is to take your kids on a walking cuisine tour

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You Can Experience Most Foods in a Week or So

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With careful planning, you can easily decide which products to try, which ones to avoid, and how you can manage your time to fit all of your requests. One great thing to consider is a gourmet foods walking tour, which will show you many highlights of Parisian foods in one go. 

A tour like this is perfect for the person who knows very little about French foods. Here is a sample itinerary which will give you an example of what you will experience. This is a great idea if you have a limited amount of time and want to get the best experience possible. 

Cured Meats & Raw Foods Are Worth Trying

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These are two things which you will inevitably come across in France. Cured meat refers to the preservation methods that are used during the production process. Here is how to buy cured meat. Typically, when a meat is combined with salt and other preservatives it will qualify as cured and have a longer shelf life.

Raw foods are another popular option that many foreigners might otherwise be opposed to trying without guidance and assurance that they are safe. In fact, many raw foods restaurants have been practicing their methods for a long time and know how to safely make their products. 

This is the Home of World-Class Cheeses

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Perhaps the most diverse range of cheeses is found in France. Since there are a vast array of different French cheeses, this is something which you might find impossible to fully indulge in. A great idea is to first learn how to buy cheese, and then select which varieties are most important for you to try.

One thing that really goes great with this product is wine. Many people will sample local wines at the same time and start to learn how to pair them together. 

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