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Best Food Tours in Paris

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Paris is one of the delights of France where the wonders of delicious French cuisines are put to display. Parisian food tours are one of the easiest ways to gain access to the depth and the beauty of the rich culture of the city, as well as a good avenue to explore these dishes that would be professionally monitored by top-notch chefs in order to expose you to the history and developmental background of each dish.

These tours range from insightful digging into the savor and flavors of French cuisines to the most delicious of desserts and drinks obtainable and it is almost certain that you cannot get it wrong when next you travel to Paris and use any of our recommended food tours which we are going to list below.

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Paris Bike Tour

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a better option aside buses or tramp carriages to experience the beauty of a place you couldn’t help but explore? If you have, then this very innovative experience is for you. They took away the conventional way by designing tours that expose you to almost a 360-degree view of the glory of Paris on a well-organized itinerary adventure on a bike. The beautiful sights can never be hidden using their service and you get the most delicious and delicately prepared dishes at a very budget friendly cost.

Maybe you are used to getting a quick bite of croissant and Parisian coffee or you value the taste of regional cheese and a slice of cold meat especially when eaten at a local market, this four hours deep culinary adventure around the most prominent of places such as Marais, Beaubourg and Place de la Bastille would expose you to the cultural significance of those dishes as well as the history of the places visited.

Now you might want to ask, ‘but how much would this cost?’. As mentioned earlier this experience is the cheapest you would find around at an amount starting from eighty Euros per person and at this amount, you would get to be escorted by the most experienced and well-certified professionals. Major expenses such as bike rentals, helmet, basket, rain poncho and even water are covered. You can never regret you visited Paris using their service.

Paris by Mouth Food Tours

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If the Wall Street Journal should take their time to review a food tour company as being the ‘definitive blog on the city’s local dishes and wine scene’, nothing less than excellence and perfection is expected from such company. They run daily trips including Sundays even, making them one of the most reliable food tours when it comes to quick booking or reservation as well as an undoubted delightful experience. You can be sure to be escorted by highly trained and well-certified professionals who might be chefs also. Most certain places to visit using their service include a patisserie, boulangerie, a wine shop and even a fromagerie.

This food tour tells a tale of historical secrecy as well as exclusivity in the unique recipes essentially used in making dishes obtainable around which are often different from others and as such, makes every bite appear really special. In case you are also a fan of chocolate, no other guide can make you explore the world of chocolate better.

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Gourmet French Food

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You don’t have to settle for automobiles or bikes before you enjoy the best of trips around Paris. Sometimes, walking around the capital is just all you need to need to pick unique places you never thought existed. They offer one of the most exclusive trips that are capable of blowing the mind of almost every foodie.

This three-hour walking sightsee is one of the most kid-friendly tours you can ever consider in case you want to share the moments with your gourmet cooking.

This tour exposes you to the world of home-made traditional delights such as handcrafted cheese and home-made kitchen croissants that makes you want to elongate the hours. For those who don’t like walking and eating, this might really not be the best for you but you definitely cannot regret walking around the architectural and historical grounds of the metropolis if you choose using their service which starts from a very pocket-friendly price of $120.

Secret Food Tours

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They provide incredible and fun-filled trips that expose you to three full hours of very tasty French gastronomy. However, you are advised not to eat before going on this adventure so as to bare your buds to the goodness of delicately made cuisines and the superb traditional desserts which are best accompanied with traditional wines. They organize heartwarming trips that would take you around the historical sites of Saint Germain, and Le Marais and polish all you think you know about this beautiful metropolis as a whole with good sites to visit and marvelously chosen dishes. 

The most notable thing about these tours is their ability to always recreate a secret dish for every experience that leaves regular clients always looking forward to that very secret dish. Aside this is the fact that you would not only be restricted to the normal traditional dishes that are always cheesy, buttery or otherwise but on this adventure, you would get to visit the most remarkable restaurants that have dedicated their existence to perfecting the taste of raw food. Your escapades around the city wouldn't be complete unless the world of cheese is explored and they simply know those paradisiacal fromageries.  Also, no other food tour knows their way around wonderfully succulent traditional hams and pure cured sausages in local butcheries the way they do, all of these beautiful adventures you would get to experience starting from a little above $100.

With their signature orange umbrella, they appear to be always distinctive and very exclusive to find in all their meeting points around the metropolis.  This is no doubt one of the most remarkable cuisine experiences that would forever change the way you see and eat dishes around.

Paris Urban Adventures

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This company combines the awesomeness in the local beauty of France by exposing tourists to not just the dishes and drinks but also the secret gems of France hidden in Paris and major places that are rarely considered beautiful but are in fact breathtaking. They are also only not just about the meal but also about the aesthetical revelation of the metropolis, maybe that is why they are really unique.

Unlike the common three to four hours provided by other food tours in France, Paris Urban Adventures offers a most delectable experience of up to one day of full urban escapades that would leave your tummy not only delightfully full but also leaves you refreshed from the overwhelming knowledge of the tickling glees of Paris you never thought existed.

The professionally trained guides are naturally good at communicating such that they are not only telling you about traditional and local dishes or pastries and major sites but also exposing you to deep conversations about major areas and markets around which would help you melt into the totality of the hospitable Paris. The good news is also that you don’t have to break the bank for this urban adventure as most of their services start from the range of $80. However, if total luxury is what you are looking forward to in your next travel in Paris, you might not really find it using their service and this would be totally understandable from their range of prices. However, enjoyment is nothing but obtainable, leaving you craving for Paris the more.


Paris is beautiful, a place of wonderful and ancient architectures that never seem old with a blend of classic urban modernity that makes you wonder why a place could be that beautiful. However, her beauty, especially in the aspect of her dishes and culture as well as wine, might not be properly explored if you are not exposed to the best of the best places to gain access to the major wonders of the metropolis. And because we understand that by tasting just the eatables around wouldn’t make you understand the history and the traditional significance of each meal neither would tasting of wine expose you to these things, that is why we have put together a list of budget-friendly and yet highly adventurous food tours to help you keep your visit to Paris to be nothing but pure adventure and fun.

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