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Take Home Real French Culture You Can Taste With These Great Gift Ideas

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Planning a trip to France involves more than simply packing luggage and ensuring you’ve got all of your essential traveling products. It’s more than planning an itinerary around the famous Eifel Tower. When visiting France, it is nearly impossible to leave without falling in love with one of the many amazing dishes or delicious pastries, decadent coffee cakes, and an assortment of other tasty treats. Return home with the essence of edible city life, ready to share.

This culture spends a lot of time perfecting not only the flavor profile, but the dining experience by providing a genuine display of love for culinary arts that shine through on every elegantly prepared dish you come across.

From the vine to the glass, these masterfully crafted beverages are a big deal. Before you start buying every bottle you see, check for local wine tasting classes in Paris. This will help learn to make distinguishing notes about different profiles. It helps you know how to find your dream wine.

After taking a small class, you’ll know what type you’re looking for, and it’ll be time to find out where to buy wine in Paris. From great eats to sensational beverages, what delightful French souvenirs will you bring back to keep close?

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Enjoy the Sweeter Side of Things

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When someone thinks France, there is typically a very concise list of places to see and entrees we’d like to try when visiting. There are lots of sightseeing ventures and wonderful landscapes to travel through to get a more outdoorsy experience.

The matter still remains: CULINARY DELIVERY is EVERYTHING, and this region has some of the best dishes in the world. Jumping straight in, let’s not waste time and start with the sweets. Who doesn’t like a sweet treat to finish a meal, celebrate a moment, or just satiate the beckoning call of a sweet tooth?

A top favorite bitter-sweet treat stems from the cocoa bean. Dark, rich, and in some cases feature a hint of nuts, knowing where to buy the best chocolate in Paris is something tourists will not know. When you ask a local, their eyes will light up as they tell you all of their favorite shops they recommend.

Along with dark rich goodness being an adored sweet, you will also find while shopping, a vibrant collection of caramels and other sweets. Obviously none as notable nor diverse as the crêpe.

Sweet or Savory: Crêpes Have a Secret Ingredient

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Versatility that’s known worldwide, crêpes come in a wide variety of incredible goodness. Crêpes give total flexibility and you’ll find too many to name in one sitting.

Authentic crêpes from France just taste better and that could be because of the use of buckwheat flour instead of white or wheat flour found on the shelves of your local grocery store. The grainy texture not only helps the crêpes hold together more effectively. It also enhances the flavors of their fillings.

Sounds silly, but bringing home a bag of buckwheat flour is a sure way to let those back home taste what authentic crêpes are all about.

Even More Creamy Gift

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Whenever visiting a new country or region, you want to try to eat like the locals. As gifts, a list of popular foods in Paname to chow down on or take back from a local supermarket.

France’s Favorite Condiment

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Believe it or not, mustard, not that yellow stuff Americans slather on their hot dogs, I’m talking real mustard. Dijon, brown, spicy, you name it, you can find it here. Research to find tons of tips on how to use mustards to enhance, transform, or create something truly magnificent and tasty. With so many signature French blends, stopping by to visit a shop for grab mustard is a must get gift.

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