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How to Get Rid of Salty Taste in Food

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Have you ever spent so much time to cook a food with the impression that all the time and energy used in preparing it would pay off by having a well-balanced seasoning just to find out that the food was a bit over-salted? Here, you will learn some tips on how to quick-fix this unfriendly scenario and save the day without you having to throw the food away or risking your health by eating the food.

how do you get rid of salty taste in food


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Foods that are over-salted are well known to be neutralized by a pinch of sugar, in order to help foil the saltiness. However, extra care must be taken not to allow too much in the food so as not to make it excessively sweet or a confusion of two different tastes. Try to achieve a better balance in the flavors.  

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Irish Potato

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This is perhaps one of the oldest methods to reduce meals seasoned with excess sodium chloride. The process is very simple. Just slice up one or two raw tubers and add them into the dish. Leave the slices to boil until they become transparent. The process of cooking these sliced tubers would extract to normal the excess sodium present in the food and the extraction process is what makes the slices almost translucent.

Make sure to remove them before serving the food and I bet you would enjoy the meal as though it had never been on the verge of mayhem. This method is, however, more favorable in soup dishes.

Lemon Juice

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The juice has a strong presence of acidity that allows it to cut through the saltiness of most meals and as such, a balance is created. This method of reduction works best when the meal does not have too much sodium. Lemon juice would create a good mask and would do well by not spoiling other flavors in the food. Vinegar and other fruits with strong citric acid might be able to do this magic of bringing enough acid to neutralize the excess salt as well as bring some sweetness into the food.


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You can rinse off excess sodium from your salty food by using water. This is more effective with meals such as rice, beef or meat in general or even vegetable. Just place them in a sieve and run water through it. The rice and meat might come out a bit tender than required and the vegetable might not be as crisp as necessary but you would have succeeded in not spoiling your general recipes with excess sodium chloride in your dishes.

If you often over-salt your food and you are always left clueless every time it happens, you can now rest easy knowing you will never be clueless on how to fix a salty food again. Besides, do you know you can make a food taste good without salt? This is why it is expect to learn and those you don't.

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