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Here's How You Can Fit In Your Next Wine Tasting Event

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Whenever the opportunity arises, I always opt for a nice vineyard tour or restaurant sampling. It's one of the best ways to sample the World. Not sure what it is I'm referring to? Okay, let me try one more swirl, sniff, and sip. Still scratching your head? If you have not guessed it yet, I am referring to a tasting event, whether it be at a winery, showroom, or another coming. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misrepresented stereotypes that come to mind when thinking of sampling events. They're not all bad, and if you want to know classes at wineries, schools, and other places to offer Who Enhance your knowledge on the matter.

We often paint illustrious pictures of the wealthy with their pinkies extended while sipping expensive and vintage blends. Yes, Those do exist In Some form, but mostly you find average people like you and me Who enjoy good wine and do not mind sampling A Few up to we find one. It is how most tastings go.

In fact, I enjoy attending these events because it allows you to broaden your horizons and venture outside of your normal palate preference. Often times, friends and families who will follow my ventures will ask, "how does this work?" The answers depend on the occurrence, whether you are making a visit to a vineyard, a store, a winery or another type of place. So I am here to give you the tasting party goes down.

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Party in the Back and Business in the Front Does not Apply to Tasting Opportunities

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If you are how do you taste wine at a restaurant? Here's a hint, wear dark colors, it goes a long way when trying to cover up a stain.

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Keep Your Sniffer Clear and Go Commando

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When attending a tasting event, you'll want to steer clear of wearing overbearing fragrances. The aromatic characteristics are a huge part of depicting an accurate flavor profile under heavy fragrance or smell of smoke is almost impossible. Sniff, sniff, could it have been aged in oak barrels?

The Remaining Walk Around Tour

Read more about our Wine Tasting Classes here

While most sampling opportunities are involved in the production of wine, you will be able to take advantage of products sales during the walkthrough. In order to keep your palate in good shape, it is often recommended to cleanse it with certain food types like fresh fruits and bread, especially as you move to the heavier red wines.

And finally, the most talked about, "spit or swallow". I know go ahead get it out. It's funny, but honestly, the answer is certainly debatable and frequently argued on. While you're paying good money to taste different flavors, there are lots of winemakers present, and those sips REALLY add up when sampling from your glass all day. It is best to have a combination of both responsibly and to make the best bottle.

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