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Exquisite Parisian Take-Out Meals

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France is a place where people travel from all over the world just to sample the local cuisine. If you are in the city of Paris and haven't yet checked out a gourmet food walking tour, you might still be wondering where to good to get some quality prepared meals on the go.

This page will break down where locals will typically go, and other avenues for exploring the wonderful products the country has to offer. In short, Parisian products are unique and diverse. If you haven't yet tried raw foods, here are some raw restaurants to check out.

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Where the French Might Go:

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Buying take-out products is often convenient since Parisian markets change every day of the week. As a result, one place in particular which is really popular with the French locals is Picard. This is a popular chain shop which has over 800 stores in the country. Half of them are based in Paris and the surrounding area. 

A restaurant is another option which may have a prepared lunch or dinner for you to take-out. However, perhaps the best way to get prepared meals is to visit a traiteur, which is a place offering prepared meals fresh and ready for you to purchase. Traiteurs can be found all throughout the metro area and also sometimes in local supermarkets. 

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Consider a Walking Tour

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A great way to experience the best of Parisian prepared dishes is to try a walking tour with a local. There are tours for the family and ones for adult travelers. If you want some guidance on which foods are best to try, this is a great way to do so. 

For more information on a walking tour, here is a typical food tour itinerary. This will give you an idea of what you will experience. Walking tours will give you the insight of a local so that you have confidence shopping and eating locally. 

Other Delicacies to Try Out

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Of course, we all (hopefully) know that the local wine is some of the best you can find around the globe. However, there are also several other local products that you should sample while you are in the country. From cured meat, pristine baked pastries and bread, top-quality beverages, and delicious main courses. 

Cured meat is one local product which is relatively popular around the globe. The difference between this type of meat and others which you have tried before is in the preparation. Here is how to buy local cured meat.

Lastly, you may not realize that there are hundreds and hundreds of different cheeses in the country. This product is something which the locals take much pride in. Understandably so! If you want to try this delicacy, you can quickly learn how to buy local cheese.

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