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Want to Plan a Wine Tasting Tour: Here’s How!

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Paris is one of the most amazing places that you can visit. There is a reason it is called ‘The city of love,’ ‘The city of lights,’ and ‘The most romantic city in the world.’ That reason is that Paris is extremely beautiful. There is stunning architecture, outstanding tourist attractions, amazing cuisine and tons of friendly people.

On top of all that, Paris (and France), is also world renown for their wines, champagnes and remarkably beautiful vineyards. The entire country is packed full of wineries, both old and new. So a 1-day wine tour from Paris may be the perfect way to experience this rich part of Paris history.

So what can you expect on your wine tour? How about amazing wine and some delicious eats to pair with it. Since we’re in Paris, you can bet that it’s not going to be some ordinary ‘fingerfoods’ either. This is when the chefs are really able to shine. Being that Paris is one of the most prestigious gastro meccas in the world, there are many top chefs who take residence here, using their culinary gifts of crafting remarkable smells that turns passerbyers into diners. This is great news for you when planning your potential winery events.

Home to culinary arts schools, there a lot of different strategies and tricks that chefs learn and use to make their dishes taste so good. Here are some of the different strategies that chefs use to make their plates pop with deliciousness.

how to plan a wine tasting tour

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Planning Your Tour Aimed for Success

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Before going all out and booking the best and most extravagant wine adventure, maybe a little planning can tie everything together in a pretty bow. It can get complicated trying to determine which winery to visit, which one offers your most preferred flavors or blends. Maybe it’s not wines you are looking for, but a nice champagne for a special occasion. Either way, it starts with planning and from there the rest if tasty!

Whether you are making a day venture to local wineries or have heard of a favored countryside vineyard that specializes in an exclusive variety, you will want to know where to go and how to get there.

Know How and Where to Get Proper Pairings

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From knowing how to identify the different wines properly, you’ll also find that you can enhance flavors of your favorite dishes or even beverages by knowing how to pair certain flavor profiles together. One great way to do that is to research how to buy cheese in Paris. This ensures you will not make pairing mistakes. Now that you know your meats and cheeses, ready to actually plan a winery trip?

Where to look for the Best Experience

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While some regular people tend to either go to a wine event or a cooking activity, some of the best combine the two. You can find some of the top chefs in Paris attached to a few of these walkthroughs. And come on, who turns down a meal from a renowned chef? Exactly! Wine and dine as they say.

When designing or planning perfect wine tours, you have to keep food in mind, not really, but who doesn’t like a little plate here or there. There are so many delicious side flavors to consider. Eating and drink go hand in hand, so it’s always best to pair the two when creating a tasting event.

How many Stops should you Book?

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If you’ve ever been to a tasting event, then chances are you’ll already know this little tip. This is where you’ll want to explore the possibilities of planning multiple stops. Different venues offer varieties, so do a little digging and find at least 3-5 stops. Not sure where to go? There are several wine tasting tours that range from amazing Paris gourmet food tours to vineyard explorations of some of the top wineries in Paris.

Which Season best suits your Regional Travels

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Let’s face it, every business has a peak season, and winery tours are no different. During the Summer and Fall, you can ask any curator at any of the vineyards, and they will tell you these are the busiest times of the year. If you do not mind crowds and the usual tourist experience, then these months will be perfect, but for those who enjoy a more intimate approach and personal experience, you can get the best tour during the Spring and Winter months.

Have Keys? Toss them into the Bowl; you’re not Driving anywhere!

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If you think for one moment that it is ever a good idea to visit tastings and drive, then these events are not for you. Make sure that you have either a designated driver or line up your intended means of transportation before sipping. Let’s be mindful of others and safe on the roads.

Read up on your Itinerary and know what to Expect

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Before you actually start your tours be sure to do a little research and get a feel for what direction the tastings will take. Which locations will be sampled, along with what varieties will be available. Doing this will help you know exactly what is in store for you and will give you a strong sense of how to plan other events around your tasting.

Unbeatable Tastes By Remarkable Curators

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When it comes to wine tasting in Paris, while it is about tasting different types of wine, it is also about pairing those wines with the correct fares. If you have done a great job in planning your Paris wine tour itinerary, then your guides will know exactly how to pair these for you. While this sounds simple, it can quickly become very complicated.

Follow Your Guide and Make The Right Turns

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If you have elected to visit a winery during your trip to this magnificent country, it is generally a good idea to find a guide that will help reduce travel time, simply because they know where to go for the best experience. There is only one right way to do wine, and that is to travel to France and enjoy an authentic tour.

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